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1201Re: [ukpbm] Re: the "Badly Written" rule

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  • Malcolm Cornelius
    Oct 3, 2003
      on 03/10/03 10:34, Mike Dean at mike.dean@... wrote:

      > I still reiterate - why do you need a human GM if you are going to
      > be so dogmatic about how people should submit orders and that their
      > abbreviations should be absolutely correctly spelt or they misorder.
      > If that's your view - go play on the JUDGES! A bit of pragmatism is
      > called for here and I will always maintain that a good GM will show
      > pragmatism when it comes to interpretting orders.
      > On psychopath, and I am sure it MUST be true of Dip2000 and other
      > sites too - we have a number of players whose first language is NOT
      > English. This means that I have often seen orders which instead of
      > putting the usual abbreviation for a province on the board clearly
      > put something which is an abbreviation of the province name in the
      > language of the person submitting the order. What is any reasonably
      > minded GM supposed to do in those circumstances?
      > IF we follow Malcolm's view - they should be misordered - and hey,
      > guess what? The player thinks SOD THAT for a lark, NMRs, anarchies
      > and never returns! Well that isn't going to happen when I'm GMing,
      > and I hope wouldn't happen on psychopath at all.
      > Ah well. I think I will have to agree to disagree on this one. But
      > one thing is for sure - I won't change my pragmatic style of GMing
      > to be so dogmatic that I discourage players from participating on
      > psychopath!

      Thought I'd be playing against another player and their ability to play the
      game, not another player assisted by an intrusive GM.

      By establishing a precedent that you'll intervene to assist players, how far
      do you go - Missed province on a retreat option ? Forgot to order a retreat
      at all ? Forgotten support order ?

      What if as GM you forget to correct a mistake ?

      If the HR state that in the event of an invalid order being received you'll
      attempt to contact the player to clarify it, maybe giving them until the
      deadline to correct it, then fine.

      This is something that was impossible in my day of postal GMing but in email
      based play might be possible - are these games limited to email based
      players ?

      But I feel it is the players job to play the game correctly, by all means
      steer them but I don't think the GM should be making decisions or correcting
      things on behalf of players.

      If the GMs role is anything other than interpreting the orders as written,
      then it needs to be defined in the house rules being used, so the players
      know what rules are being played to and what may or may not happen.

      Best wishes

      Malcolm Cornelius

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