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1170Armistice Day

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  • Stephen Agar
    May 5, 2003
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      Just a few words to say that I realise that AD is now 3 weeks overdue -
      but it will be out soonish. The new job, combined with unexpectedly
      selling our house, finding a new house, and lots of packing etc. has
      rather put zine production on the back-burner. So if you can get word
      out that it is coming, just a bit late, I would be grateful.

      The next issue will not be the last - I have decided to run the zine
      down to a fold rather than sudden death. Should be good for another 6-8
      issues I reckon.

      One good thing is that moving house has forced me to sort out the Zine
      Archive properly - I have 26 boxes of duplicate zines waiting to go to
      the tip already. One thing I couldn't bring myself to throw out was
      copies of Dolchstoss 25ish - 69 - when Richard Sharp was at his best.
      Anyone want them (for postage)?

      I don't suppose anyone wants the 26 boxes destined for the tip though?

      Stephen Agar
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