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1128Re: [ukpbm] Zine Poll and Les Pimley Award

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  • Stephen Agar
    Jan 10, 2003
      In message <av20c0+lofg@...>, "fiendishgames
      <johnh@...>" <johnh@...>
      >I am inclined, for instance, to prevent editors from voting for their
      >own zines. Virtually every editor who voted put his own zine top but
      >some said they were doing so because they expected others would do
      >likewise. I therefore think it would be a good idea to prevent editors
      >from having to wrestle with their conscience on this matter.

      I completely agree. Most years I haven't bothered to vote just so I
      don't have to face up to that particular issue.

      >The only drawback I can see to this rule (apart from the fact that
      >allowing editors to vote for themselves encourages them to vote -
      >something not every editor did) is that one then has to determine
      >whether to extend the prohibition to subzine editors. On the grounds
      >that it is much harder for me to identify who is a subzine editor and
      >who is not, I will probably allow subzine editors and external GMs to
      >vote for the zines to which they contribute.
      >The web site poll did not get a lot of votes. I obviously could have
      >done more to promote it among the online community but there was also
      >confusion over what constitutes a web site. The likes of The Blue Nose
      >Special and Serendipity got votes in both categories, for instance. I
      >think next year I shall specify that zines which are distributed
      >predominantly by e-mail (e.g. Devolution, Armistice Day, A League Of
      >Our Own, Serendipity and The Blue Nose Special) count as zines, even if
      >they are purely electronic rather than paper-based.

      Can I just point out that Armistice Day is not purely electronic -
      indeed, I post 100+ copies!!!

      Thanks for organising the poll this year. I would be inclined to close
      it down if it were me - or maybe announce in advance that next year will
      be the last one - and in conjunction run a 10 Best Zines of All Time
      poll! (On a one vote per voter basis - a bit like the BBC 100 Greatest


      Stephen Agar
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