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1127Re: RE: [ukpbm] Zine Poll and Les Pimley Award

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  • John Harrington
    Jan 9, 2003
      08/01/03 07:36:23, Howard Bishop <hbishop@...> wrote:

      >Hi John,
      >Thanks for doing the zine poll this year.
      >My 2p worth is that zine editors shouldn't be able to vote for their own
      >zine. I only did it because I found out that other people were doing it.
      >How does 68 voters compare with previous years?

      No idea guv. The info will probably be on Keith's site which, if I recall, is www.fwtwr.com.


      Fiendish Board Games - makers of games in the German style.
      Breaking Away, Office Politics and Traffic Lights.
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