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1123Re: [ukpbm] Zine Poll and Les Pimley Award

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  • John Harrington
    Jan 3, 2003
      I think I relied a bit too much on the postal gaming network to publicise the Pimley Award and left it too late in the year
      as well. The network is not what it was and the zines don't publish as frequently as they used to, hence my suggestion
      that the nominations really ought to be known at the same time as the Zine Poll votes go out.

      >Regarding the voting by sub-editors, I feel you are going to run into a few problems there.
      >For example, FWTDR has no sub-zines at all, whereas Flights of Fancy has two, as does Obsidian. Bloodstock has
      three sub-zines, or contributing GMs, and so does The Tangerine Terror.
      >I would be more inclined to allow editors to vote for themselves, but they only score half points for their own zine... just
      an idea??

      I take your point, but people generally volunteer to be external GMs or subzine editors in zines which they admire
      anyway, hence my rationalisation is that even if they weren't subzine editors they'd be putting the zine quite high in the
      rankings anyway.

      Back when I was editing a mainstream zine (Tale That You Fiend!) I think I used to typically rank it about 4th out of a
      dozen or so zines. I think it is natural for an editor to rate his or her own zine highly because they generally produce
      exactly the sort of zine they'd like to receive themselves; therefore I don't think it is any great crime to vote one's own
      zine top, but if it is causing editors a bit of heart-searching then I'd prefer to remove the option. Alternatively I could start
      with the assumption that every editor (even those who don't vote) votes his own zine top which would be an excellent
      way of massaging the figures and boosting the apparent size of the electorate.

      >Finally, I would like to thank you, John, for running the Polls.

      It was my pleasure. I like doing this sort of stuff. It was like the best bit of the Eurovision Song Contest (i.e. the voting).



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