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1107Mission From God and writer's bollock

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  • fiendishgames
    Dec 2, 2002
      I produced a copy of Mission From God in time for MidCon and gave it away f=
      ree in order to promote the hobby. Frankly, I think I overcharged people. I=
      t was not a good issue, mainly because the only reviews that weren't written=
      by me were written by Howard Bishop. Stapling the sheets together on the t=
      rain on the way up to MidCon did not help much either.

      So, I am going to do another one, always assuming that I get some reviews f=
      rom the hobby hoi polloi. Come on, people! Readers don't want to see my re=
      cycling the same opinions about zines I spouted in the previous 5 issues of =
      Mission From God, they want some fresh perspectives. Please help me by send=
      ing some reviews of any zine you see regularly - especially the footie zines=
      plus The Cunning Plan, Ode, Pigbutton, Flights of Fancy, WIMM, The Blue Nos=
      e Special, Mais N'est Pas La Gare (anyone got an address for this?), GAME, M=
      instrel, Borealis (if it is still publishing), Dolchstoss (ditto) and a few =
      overseas zines such as Damn The Consequences and Western Front; I don't see =
      any of those listed above so can't even recycle old opinions.

      The reviews don't need to be too lengthy: 50 to 200 words would be fine. P=
      lease send them to mfg@....

      I'm hoping to re-do the zine this week-end and then HAVE THEM IN THE SHOPS =
      IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! I send free copies to shops who sell the zine at a k=
      nockdown rate of 50p (I charge subbers £1 inc. post) and as some of you may =
      have noticed, a lot more people visit games shops in December than in any ot=
      her month of the year, so I'd like to get a decent copy into the hands of a =
      few potential recruits. I'm not anticipating massive converts but if we ca=
      n get one or two (like we did with Howard Bishop and Bruce Edwards a couple =
      of years back) then that helps keep the gene pool well stocked, if you know =
      what I mean.

      Please give generously. A zine is not just for Christmas.