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1080Re: [ukpbm] Re: Time to say goodbye?

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  • Ben & Linley Goodale
    Sep 13, 2002
      Well, it seems remarkably easy to stir him up. And you get such good value, you know a throwaway line and you get about two pages of A4.

      I'm sure he must either have a good spy or perhaps he is also subbed under a nom de plume so he can flounce dramatically in and out.
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      From: Tom Tweedy
      To: ukpbm@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, 12 September 2002 10:20
      Subject: Re: [ukpbm] Re: Time to say goodbye?

      In message <006501c25a52$9c6e7d20$24624fcb@goodale>, Ben & Linley
      Goodale <ben_goodale@...> writes
      >Clearly there's life in the old dog yet.

      Yes indeed... but you just HAD to poke him with a stick didn't you. :-)


      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Mark Boyle
      > To: ukpbm@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Thursday, 12 September 2002 8:16
      > Subject: [ukpbm] Re: Time to say goodbye?
      > Hello Tom,
      > Well, what your resident Geddy Lee lookalike Ben Goodale is on about
      > was actually last November/December time (I think), involved Princess
      > Downes Queen of Hearts, Steve Agar & Alex Bardy deciding to concoct a
      > few fantasies about your truly on the board, then find themselves
      > jolly surprised when I turned up in person to take them to task after
      > four subscribers decided to forward me the contents.
      > To be concise:
      > 1. Downes took off when I revealed the hypocrite's own failed attempt
      > to fiddle the ZOTY Poll many moons back whilst continuing to moralise
      > ad nauseum over the 1987 Great Zine Poll Swindle (The Stoat
      > incidentally grumbled to me on the phone this year that Bowen and
      > Downes did a far better job in wrecking the poll than I ever did -
      > well, he did get the two biggest turnouts ever thanks to Yours Truly,
      > one doesn't like to boast but what did he ever do without me...God,
      > I'm so bloody great).
      > 2. Bardy ranted thrice before cockcrow that he had not being trying
      > to goad me into sending him copy for his tatty rag in order to gain
      > attention for himself...then subsequently admitted it, then wondered
      > what all the fuss was about...seeming to think that was what normal
      > people do - forgetting of course that in the real world, as opposed
      > to the petty & spiteful "friendly hobby", its what actually earns you
      > a Doc Martin in the balls.
      > Uncle Tom, Turbonick, Mike Hasbeen & several other rose-tinters were
      > rather cross with me being so nasty to Bardy & Downes. In fairness, I
      > can see their point - if I'm going to get involved in a battle of
      > wits I really ought not to pick on unarmed opponents. But jolly
      > embarrassing for them one month later, when Pondlife Bardy was
      > practically coming in his pants because, wait for it, Mango had
      > reached No.2 in the Zine Poll (on such a massive...ROTFL!...turnout),
      > proving what I said that the little jerk was a publicity seeking
      > troll that had thrown his rattle out of the pram because Yours Truly
      > had refusing to perform for his tatty rag.
      > 3. UKPBM's house muppet Ben Goodale managed to spout similar piffle
      > ("he was so intense"...oh dear), then promptly apologised - but this
      > was more to do because he wanted something from me than out of
      > regret, ie. some old Uni folk names and addresses. Seems the way of
      > the world these days methinks. I duly obliged with the current
      > addresses of one Eileen Dougall, Ollie Bath and Simon Biggun, only to
      > find him wingeing on this board that I hadn't replied, so I sent them
      > again...nothing more heard since. Ho hum. Par for the course in
      > hobbyland/life in general - once your usefulness runs out, its ta-ta.
      > If there was a "debacle" (nice choice of brown-nosing words to your
      > peer group Ben, you ain't changed much...), it was the unsavoury
      > spectacle of watching several people opening their mouths and letting
      > their bellies rumble, then getting all cross for being taken to task
      > over it. The only one that emerged from it with any dignity was
      > Stephen Agar, who immediately apologised and drew a line under it.
      > Not so Bardy, who simply proved what a slimy reptile he is; not so
      > Downes, who was finally shown up for the lying rat he was & scuttled
      > off to his hole; and certainly not Goodale, whom to be honest I
      > really thought a lot better of - suppose those War Chivalry &
      > Lordship classes never taught him much on the finer points of honour.
      > Not to worry though, I've better things to concern myself with these
      > days than the petty bitchery of a failing hobby that's killed itself
      > off...and having discovered the fate of one Joy Hibbert only last
      > night, I believe that what goes around come around, & we who laugh
      > last laugh the longest.
      > Deagh Dhùrachd,
      > Mark Boyle
      > "Pick of the Bunch"
      > (whenever he gets his finger out...)
      > --- In ukpbm@y..., Tom Tweedy <tom@l...> wrote:
      > > In message <005d01c258a8$e23a0b40$fc644fcb@goodale>, Ben & Linley
      > > Goodale <ben_goodale@c...> writes
      > > >
      > > >Hmm. You have a point. Since the Mark Boyle debacle of some
      > months ago, there
      > > >has been resolute silence, though I thought for a minute there we
      > were onto
      > > >something.
      > >
      > > Er... 'Mark Boyle debacle'... did I miss something here?
      > >
      > > Tom
      > > --
      > > Tom Tweedy
      > > Diplomacy 2000
      > > http://www.lancedal.demon.co.uk/dip2000/
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