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1078Re: [ukpbm] Time to say goodbye?

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  • Stephen Agar
    Sep 12, 2002
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      In message <430E6BBE8858D511B3D000508BF3951AF322D7@UK-STORE1>, Howard
      Bishop <hbishop@...> writes
      >>No, this service is totally free. It's no hassle to leave it running as
      >>such - I am just a little worried that people join, see no activity,
      >>then leave.
      >>How many active amateur zines are they these days? 12-15?
      >>There's certainly very little sense of community.
      >>How many Dip games going? 20?
      >>How's con attendances holding up (rarely been to any since the kids
      >>arrived - though I am going to MidCon this year)?
      >>BTW - listening to a Nick Harper CD as I type this - great stuff -
      >>anyone else like him?
      >I understand where you're coming from. When I first joined the hobby a
      >couple of years ago, there were posts to this group almost on a daily basis.
      >There seemed to be a really vibrant initiative to take PBM to the people at
      >that time. I agree that unless there are regular posts, newcomers might be
      >put off. We should either revisit the PBM promotion initiative or use the
      >group for other things, like advertising new games or general hobby news. If
      >it wasn't for this group, my zine wouldn't have survived.
      >BTW. I saw Nick H when I saw Roy H last year. They both played individual
      >sets and then got together to play a joint set at the end.They're back in
      >Wycombe again next month. I already have my ticket! I don't have any of
      >Nick's material. Anything you'd recommend?

      I was very impressed with "Light at the end of the Kennel" ( a
      mini-album) and "Seed" - which are the only 2 I have at present.
      However, I was sufficiently impressed to order the rest of his back
      catalogue from Amazon.

      He's a bit like an acoustic Manic Street Preachers.

      Ah, Roy Harper. Anyone remember the classic song "The Black Cloud of
      Islam"? It's a wonder he hasn't been fatwa'd.

      Stephen Agar
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