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  • Ben & Linley Goodale
    Sep 12, 2002
      Clearly there's life in the old dog yet.
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      From: Mark Boyle
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      Sent: Thursday, 12 September 2002 8:16
      Subject: [ukpbm] Re: Time to say goodbye?

      Hello Tom,

      Well, what your resident Geddy Lee lookalike Ben Goodale is on about
      was actually last November/December time (I think), involved Princess
      Downes Queen of Hearts, Steve Agar & Alex Bardy deciding to concoct a
      few fantasies about your truly on the board, then find themselves
      jolly surprised when I turned up in person to take them to task after
      four subscribers decided to forward me the contents.

      To be concise:

      1. Downes took off when I revealed the hypocrite's own failed attempt
      to fiddle the ZOTY Poll many moons back whilst continuing to moralise
      ad nauseum over the 1987 Great Zine Poll Swindle (The Stoat
      incidentally grumbled to me on the phone this year that Bowen and
      Downes did a far better job in wrecking the poll than I ever did -
      well, he did get the two biggest turnouts ever thanks to Yours Truly,
      one doesn't like to boast but what did he ever do without me...God,
      I'm so bloody great).

      2. Bardy ranted thrice before cockcrow that he had not being trying
      to goad me into sending him copy for his tatty rag in order to gain
      attention for himself...then subsequently admitted it, then wondered
      what all the fuss was about...seeming to think that was what normal
      people do - forgetting of course that in the real world, as opposed
      to the petty & spiteful "friendly hobby", its what actually earns you
      a Doc Martin in the balls.

      Uncle Tom, Turbonick, Mike Hasbeen & several other rose-tinters were
      rather cross with me being so nasty to Bardy & Downes. In fairness, I
      can see their point - if I'm going to get involved in a battle of
      wits I really ought not to pick on unarmed opponents. But jolly
      embarrassing for them one month later, when Pondlife Bardy was
      practically coming in his pants because, wait for it, Mango had
      reached No.2 in the Zine Poll (on such a massive...ROTFL!...turnout),
      proving what I said that the little jerk was a publicity seeking
      troll that had thrown his rattle out of the pram because Yours Truly
      had refusing to perform for his tatty rag.

      3. UKPBM's house muppet Ben Goodale managed to spout similar piffle
      ("he was so intense"...oh dear), then promptly apologised - but this
      was more to do because he wanted something from me than out of
      regret, ie. some old Uni folk names and addresses. Seems the way of
      the world these days methinks. I duly obliged with the current
      addresses of one Eileen Dougall, Ollie Bath and Simon Biggun, only to
      find him wingeing on this board that I hadn't replied, so I sent them
      again...nothing more heard since. Ho hum. Par for the course in
      hobbyland/life in general - once your usefulness runs out, its ta-ta.

      If there was a "debacle" (nice choice of brown-nosing words to your
      peer group Ben, you ain't changed much...), it was the unsavoury
      spectacle of watching several people opening their mouths and letting
      their bellies rumble, then getting all cross for being taken to task
      over it. The only one that emerged from it with any dignity was
      Stephen Agar, who immediately apologised and drew a line under it.
      Not so Bardy, who simply proved what a slimy reptile he is; not so
      Downes, who was finally shown up for the lying rat he was & scuttled
      off to his hole; and certainly not Goodale, whom to be honest I
      really thought a lot better of - suppose those War Chivalry &
      Lordship classes never taught him much on the finer points of honour.

      Not to worry though, I've better things to concern myself with these
      days than the petty bitchery of a failing hobby that's killed itself
      off...and having discovered the fate of one Joy Hibbert only last
      night, I believe that what goes around come around, & we who laugh
      last laugh the longest.

      Deagh Dhùrachd,

      Mark Boyle
      "Pick of the Bunch"
      (whenever he gets his finger out...)

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      > Goodale <ben_goodale@c...> writes
      > >
      > >Hmm. You have a point. Since the Mark Boyle debacle of some
      months ago, there
      > >has been resolute silence, though I thought for a minute there we
      were onto
      > >something.
      > Er... 'Mark Boyle debacle'... did I miss something here?
      > Tom
      > --
      > Tom Tweedy
      > Diplomacy 2000
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