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1063RE: [ukpbm] Time to say goodbye?

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  • Howard Bishop
    Sep 12, 2002
      >No, this service is totally free. It's no hassle to leave it running as
      >such - I am just a little worried that people join, see no activity,
      >then leave.

      >How many active amateur zines are they these days? 12-15?
      >There's certainly very little sense of community.
      >How many Dip games going? 20?
      >How's con attendances holding up (rarely been to any since the kids
      >arrived - though I am going to MidCon this year)?

      >BTW - listening to a Nick Harper CD as I type this - great stuff -
      >anyone else like him?


      I understand where you're coming from. When I first joined the hobby a
      couple of years ago, there were posts to this group almost on a daily basis.
      There seemed to be a really vibrant initiative to take PBM to the people at
      that time. I agree that unless there are regular posts, newcomers might be
      put off. We should either revisit the PBM promotion initiative or use the
      group for other things, like advertising new games or general hobby news. If
      it wasn't for this group, my zine wouldn't have survived.

      BTW. I saw Nick H when I saw Roy H last year. They both played individual
      sets and then got together to play a joint set at the end.They're back in
      Wycombe again next month. I already have my ticket! I don't have any of
      Nick's material. Anything you'd recommend?


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