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1062[ukpbm] Re: Joy

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  • Stephen Agar
    Sep 11, 2002
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      In message <alofbj+lmq2@...>, Mark Boyle
      <markboyle_potb@...> writes
      >Not to worry though, I've better things to concern myself with these
      >days than the petty bitchery of a failing hobby that's killed itself
      >off...and having discovered the fate of one Joy Hibbert only last
      >night, I believe that what goes around come around, & we who laugh
      >last laugh the longest.

      Whatever I thought of Joy as person, I think it was a tragedy for her
      child that she died when he was still so young (only 6 years old?).
      Anyone know what happened to Lee?

      And what's all this putting my name and the word "dignity" in the same
      sentence - are you trying to ruin my reputation? :-)


      Stephen Agar
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