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1055Re: [ukpbm] Time to say goodbye?

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  • Stephen Agar
    Sep 10, 2002
      In message <sd7dc4d8.000@...>, Paul Dowden
      <Paul.Dowden@...> writes
      >If there is a problem paying for the site, I think I could quite easily
      >incorporate the site (free of course) into mine at
      >http://chingfordgames1.homestead.com/pbm2.html; you will notice I have
      >a plug there already for the postal games site.
      >Paul Dowden

      No, this service is totally free. It's no hassle to leave it running as
      such - I am just a little worried that people join, see no activity,
      then leave.

      How many active amateur zines are they these days? 12-15?
      There's certainly very little sense of community.
      How many Dip games going? 20?
      How's con attendances holding up (rarely been to any since the kids
      arrived - though I am going to MidCon this year)?

      BTW - listening to a Nick Harper CD as I type this - great stuff -
      anyone else like him?


      Stephen Agar
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