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Serial Port Monitoring

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  • Steve Morgan
    Folks, Your suggestions, please...... I m using HomeSeer on my HA server (since it s better than the stuff I wrote!), but the one facility I had that I ve now
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2000
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      Your suggestions, please......

      I'm using HomeSeer on my HA server (since it's better than the stuff I
      wrote!), but the one facility I had that I've now lost is the ability to
      detect just addresses from the CM12. This allowed me to operate an
      on-screen menu using a universal remote and an IR543. Having just set up
      WinIVR, I am especially keen to get this facility back to allow me to
      access voice mail using the TV.

      So, unless the feature is added to HomeSeer, I'm looking to intercept
      the data from the CM12. Ideally, I'd write a monitor that intercepts the
      serial data coming in to the port. However, I'm using NT4 and I've got
      no idea where to start.

      At a simpler level, supposing I make up a serial 'double adapter' and
      feed the RTS and Rx signals into COM2. If this works I could use some
      fairly simple code to monitor the data from the CM12. Does anyone think
      this will work? Any idea on the electrical implications?

      A third alternative might be to host the CM12 on another machine and use
      that to monitor the data, i.e., the server thinks it's commicating with
      the CM12 but is actually connected to a PC which is in turn connected to
      the CM12 and passes the data through.

      Any thoughts or other suggestions?

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