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RE: [uk_jugglers] A Plea from Lestival!

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  • Andy
    Hi everyone, I don t usually mail this group, but I d like to comment on Lestival. I ve been to hundreds of conventions in the past 16 or so years (ok, a
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      Hi everyone,

      I don't usually mail this group, but I'd like to comment on Lestival.

      I've been to hundreds of conventions in the past 16 or so years (ok, a
      little sad I know) some of them didn't appeal to me and I've not gone back.
      I've been to Lestival both times. I'll be going again this year. I could
      mention many things I find great about it, but the best opinion you'll get
      is your own. Go and experience it yourself.

      Hopefully see you there.


      P.S. I don't live near Leicester, I have nothing to do with the organisation
      and I think Plumsie smells. Nevertheless, I'm still going.


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      Subject: [uk_jugglers] A Plea from Lestival!

      Cross posted to rec.juggling

      It has recently come to my attention that one of the organisers of another
      juggling convention has been bad-mouthing Lestival! and advising people not
      to attend. I was informed of this by someone who had overheard a
      conversation about this at an event that I was not able to attend and I am
      not very happy about it.

      I would also like to point out that the person doing this has never been to
      Lestival! and so has no experience of the event to be able to tell people
      not to come.

      If anyone starts telling you not to come to Lestival! then please ask if
      they have been themseleves or if they are just mouthing off. If you want to
      find out if it is worth coming then please come along and make up your own
      mind, read some of the reviews from the last 2 years. Please don't be put
      off by someone telling you not to come having never been themselves.

      Lestival! 3, 1st May Brockington College Enderby.

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