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  • jonathan the jester
    I m not a vet. But I am an animal lover, I have kept many pets over the years and I know a lot of horsey people. Animals in a domesticated or working
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      I'm not a vet. But I am an animal lover, I have kept many pets over the years and I know a lot of "horsey" people.

      Animals in a domesticated or working environment are very sensitive to their environments. They are emotional, heirarchical family creatures that get used to their environment. Moving an animal from it's family is a distressing and disturbing thing to do. Animals regard humans as part of their family under these conditions.

      Sticking an old animal in a sanctuary is actually a polite way of getting rid of an animal that has served it's purpose. Of course it's better than making glue out of them, but it is still quite cruel.

      Keeping a pet and keeping a working animal are not a million miles apart. It would be far easier for Roberts Circus to have the elephant put to sleep or put to pasture to keep critics off their back. But instead I think they are genuinely fond of their elephant and are looking after it and I expect it is happier with them than suddenly finding itself in a field with a strange goat and a horse for company.

      Yes a certain bitch called Chipperfield was a monster to her animals but that doesn't mean all circus animals are beaten.

      Animal welfare is an issue. Banning animals from circus's is not in my opinion the best way of looking after them. However, the guilty bastards that mistreat animals should be banned from keeping animals. Farms are far worse than circuses.

      However, this debate should rage on and animal husbandes should be challenged.


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      cheers for that charlie

      I did find it just afterwards. I was actually after info about that
      circus in general though although obviously I'm interested in the
      elephant. My understanding is that the elephant is not 'working'
      anymore, but is moved around with the circus and used for photo opps.
      Bobby Roberts website claims that a bunch of vets have claimed the
      elephant is in the best place for it. CAPS have claimed that a bunch of
      vets have claimed that she should be retired to a 'sanctuary'. I'm not a
      vet, I don't know.

      I was hoping someone else had looked into this in depth, and not just
      taking the word of the people in question. Lets face it, they're not
      going to say "actually we train our animals with 10 foot spikes and hand
      grenades" on their own web site. (I've no idea how the circus in
      question trains their animals) .... but given that the elephant was
      brought into the country 50 years it _probably was trained with hooks
      and the like - times change - that's not really relevant now.

      I'm more interesting in how the sort of people who would possibly have
      considered it ok to treat an elephant like that 50 years ago will have
      moved on in the following years. Is their publicity statement just more
      'circus' (they also claim to have some of the circus worlds most famous
      performers - who else has heard of these guys before?).

      so yeh, the original question still stands, has anyone got any more info
      ... I'm still digging, but views on both sides seem to be quite polarised.

      Charlie Hull wrote:
      > Well, Google found this in about 10 seconds:
      > http://www.bobby-roberts.co.uk/anne-statement.htm
      > which seems to indicate that the elephant hasn't performed in years, but
      > is probably in the best place for it at the moment.
      > Surprised you didn't find this, Glyn!
      > Charlie
      >> cheers,
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