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Re: [uk_jugglers] Bristol Convention - not catastrophe yet

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  • robfirey
    Here here..Peachi Myself and Annette were thinking along a similar track. If people want it to happen then we all do a bit to help, it shouldn t be too much
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2009
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      Here here..Peachi

      Myself and Annette were thinking along a similar track. If people want it to happen then we all do a bit to help, it shouldn't be too much work for a group.

      Did a quick think/search for marquees and well Bristol is a good place for them. It end of the season too so most are likely to be available. I have a few contact's to try over the next few week at least. will put the message out and see what's around here locally. Which should save a few quid.

      Face Book save Bristol Convention, coming soon, maybe a good way to connect a few people (sorry fak). Or at least see who's up for it, that uses FB [TM of evil].

      I think that the festival is big enough with enough motivated people to keep on running. I think we just need some info from John to help take the event on. Or off his hands as it were. Then maybe he can pop in to enjoy a meal and some entertainment without running it.

      more +ve idea's welcome


      there's a Bristol like convention in Turkey now in it's 4th year. Scenery to equal the Severn and a cool blue ocean...mmmm. End of Sept.

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      For me the crucial thing is whether we can use that site for camping. The
      next is finding out how much Bristol takes so we can work out a budget. Then
      we can see how much extra stuff can be installed... and just do without what
      cant be afforded. Jay, I dont really have a contact for John, but can you
      ask him these things or pass me the details?

      If its not on the same site then I dont think its worth persevering. There
      are other things to do in September - like Bestival and PLAY might move its
      date possibly.

      I dont mind being part of a group to sort it out, especially in the build up
      to it, using my BJC experience. I think we can sort out a communal rota for
      maintaining and running the site during the convention so that no one person
      does too much.

      Some rough figures for you all:

      BJC PLI insurence - ?800
      White bar marquee hire - ?2000 - not a big top but it would do
      Electric Cables - ?100 from HSS
      Workshop tent - Jonothan's marquee

      A cafe can be brought it that provides its own space for the money or we get
      a good veggie catering van in. But people can cook for themselves too. We
      could alos just get them another marquee - depending on budget.

      Just seeig what the feeling is out there. Not making any commitments yet ;)

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      2009/1/14 jonathan the jester <j.jester@virgin. net>

      > That still leaves us with
      > A Cafe, A site, A goodwill, A laid back cafe, diverse people (lots of
      > ......
      > So what we are lacking is John Carters expertise (not
      > easily replaced),
      > some portaloos,
      > a big tent,
      > a workshop tent and a
      > cafe tent.

      You're lacking one hell of a lot more than that I'm afraid. Sorry to be
      negative but based on my experience a convention of this type and size will
      need a lot more. Starting with:
      - power cables, distribution boxes, lighting, powerstrips: possible to hire,
      may need professional help to install (unless it belongs to the tent hire
      firm, or we don't worry about legality or the occasional electrocution)
      - public liability insurance. Someone will have to be responsible in a
      professional sense for the event, they will need PLI. John will have had his
      - access to John's mailing list if he'll let you, to tell all those who
      don't read the Interwebs. Yes, they exist.
      - if you're suggesting a different site, first you'll have to find and book
      one at short notice, let everyone know, then work out if you need loos and
      showers. Much, much better to use the original site.

      - a suitable relationship with the site owner, possibly a deposit,
      definitely a contract.
      - someone will have to be responsible for rubbish collection, tent tidying,
      tent maintenance, car parking, registration, information, financial
      planning, bankrollling the event etc. etc. These people will probably not be
      able to enjoy the event like a punter (trust me on this, my wife yearns for
      the day we can be punters at Bungay again), and they probably won't be
      running on 'Bristol time' either.

      If this is going to happen, people need to decide *now* to give enough
      time to put it together (and before you ask, I'll advise but can't commit to
      anything, already got one to do!).

      > If we could get One Big Top erected and insured I think an interim Brizzle
      > would be viable to keep it alive.... however, who of us is up to the work
      > required? .....any volunteers?
      > I can put up a 30ft by 20ft workshop tent. Anybody else got anything?

      Good of you to volunteer, but you're sadly underestimating the requirements.


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