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Fw: [uk_jugglers] Bristol Convention - a catastrophe

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  • Jeff M
    First one we ever attended was 1991 - 3rd one I believe. Would really miss the thought of Bristol being there, it was like part of my life and John was the
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      First one we ever attended was 1991 - 3rd one I believe.
      Would really miss the thought of Bristol being there, it was like part of my life and John was the wizard of Oz hiding behind the back drop making it a magical place for elven folk to kick back and play..

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      From: Peachi - Pete
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      Subject: RE: [uk_jugglers] Bristol Convention - a catastrophe

      I get the feeling that a 'new' bristol might emerge from the ashes of the
      lovely old
      one... possibly on the same site, maybe nearly the same, maybe completely
      different.... Jay, can we still book the field, and just all turn up and
      camp there together?

      I for one am quite happy to have Bristol in the same place without a big
      marquee. I think there are a number of options out there and enough
      collective will to make something happen... as long as a few (cough!)
      minor changes are tolerated ;)

      But anyway, its a shame it will have to transform or finish, but John did a
      job and I guess we may only really appreciate it now its stopped.

      Thanks John, you ROCK!!

      Let the debate begin ;)
      Cheese, Peachi - struggling to remember his first Bristol.... but it must
      be six at least..... probably more and I'm older than I want to remember ;)

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      Subject: [uk_jugglers] Bristol Convention - a catastrophe

      Hello chaps,

      I've just got off the phone from John Carter, the legend in
      his own lunchtime who for the last twenty years has been head honcho
      of Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention. It is with great
      regret that John has decided to cancel this years event.

      Yes, that's right, Bristol will not be happening this year.

      John is in his sixtieth year and has been working hard
      running a marquee hire business for a very long time, but now he has
      decided to retire from the marquee game, and that means that he will
      not be expending the very large amounts of money needed to maintain,
      insure, and license his vehicles, marquees, business, and so on and
      so forth. Consequently running Bristol as a stand alone project is
      simply not viable for him. Boo.

      At some other time it might be useful for the UK juggling
      community to consider whither Bristol? But that is a debate for
      another day, and John himself needs some time to reflect on and
      absorb his decision. Consequently, the prospects of Bristol happening
      this year, under any flag, are slim to none, and Slim's outta town.

      There is a great deal I would like to say about Bristol over
      the years, but this is not the time or the place, so I would like to
      conclude by offering my great thanks and gratitude to John for all
      his good-natured hard work over the years.

      I hope that there will be other commendations to come, and if
      anyone has anything to add - thanks, memories, pictures, stories,
      anything really - then please respond to this thread, and in time
      perhaps we can rustle up an online memory book for the daddy of 'em
      all in the UK.

      Requiescat in pace, Bristol. You will be missed.

      Jay Linn

      Semper eadem.

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