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Re: [uk_jugglers] Youth Circus conference yesterday

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  • Charlie Hull
    [copied from rec.juggling] ... http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/publications/publication_detail.php?browse=recent&id=589 ... There ... out. ... role? I ... No
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 27, 2007
      [copied from rec.juggling]
      It's Him wrote:
      > Charlie wrote:
      >> Hi all,
      >> Some of you will know that there was a conference on UK Youth Circus
      >> yesterday at the Camden Roundhouse in London. This coincides with the
      >> launch of a UK Arts Council report on youth circus which can be
      >> downloaded from here:
      >> (try the Word version, the PDF only contains a summary).
      >> If you would like more information about what happened at the
      >> conference, contact the Circus Arts Forum (www.circusarts.org.uk).
      >> were a number of the usual suspects there, but I suspect many missed
      >> Cheers
      >> Charlie
      > So which of the usual suspects is going to go for the co-ordinator
      role? I
      > can't see anybody from a small organisation having the time, energy and
      > bullshit tolerance to go for it.
      > Nigel
      No idea. The Arts Council, in all their wisdom, has only advertised it
      on the lists they run, and hasn't bothered to put it in any
      circus-related publications (World's Fair etc.). Oh, and the closing
      date is August 17th.

      So if anyone out there is interested in being the UK's Youth Circus
      coordinator, and/or hosting a network of Youth Circus practitioners and
      info, I'd say contact CAF....


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