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Chocfest - 11th Feb

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  • Sam Vines
    Hello everyone, Here s a bit more info on what you can expect from Chocfest this year: * Chocolate (would you expect anything less?) * Our team have been
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      Hello everyone,

      Here's a bit more info on what you can expect from Chocfest this year:

      * Chocolate (would you expect anything less?) *
      Our team have been incredibly creative and have made what all you chocolate
      lovers have dreamed about since the chocolate club first made its appearance
      at CF3. However, this one is solid.

      Not only have the team made a solid chocolate club, they've made a solid
      chocolate diabolo. (The prototype was delicious.)

      Not only have they made a solid chocolate club and a solid chocolate
      diabolo, but they've made a set of solid chocolate juggling balls too.

      * Speed Stacking, courtesy of Ali Reese *
      Ever wanted to have a go at speed stacking? Ms. Reese will be providing the
      equipment and expertise to let you have a go.

      * Pole Exercise Workshops, courtesy of YUPE *
      This is probably the closest thing to an aerial/acro workshop Chocfest has
      ever been able to offer. It's hard work but a lot of fun. Shorts are a
      must. www.yupe.co.uk gives you some more details about the format of the
      workshops. If you are interested in attending, please could you let me know
      off-list? (This is so we can organise how many poles we need and number of
      workshops we might need to run - thanks.)

      * Other Workshops *
      Alan Blim, from the Katakombs in Berlin, will be running a workshop on
      juggling and rhythm.

      PhysioMonkey will be running a workshop on shoulders. Places will be
      limited for this workshop. There'll be a sign-up sheet for it and Alan
      says: "you'll need to be happy without t-shirt (for the men) or with a
      sports or strappy top that allows the upper back and most of the shoulders
      to be seen (for the ladies)."

      * Catering *
      Lovely school dinners will be available over lunch time and sarnies will be
      made to order. There will be more food suitable for vegetarians available
      this year. All at reasonable prices.

      Please remember that the majority of the convention will be taking place in
      the School Sports Hall and therefore suitable footwear needs to be worn.
      High heels or muddy shoes (and muddy unicycles!) will need to be left by the

      See you at Joseph Rowntree School on the 11th.

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