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RE: [uk_jugglers] hello.

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    ... Another interesting technique I ve seen, is to use something like tHISiShARDtOhACK . The advantage of this is that anyone watching you could see you enter
    Message 1 of 6 , May 14, 2013
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      > On 13/05/2013 21:03, Nigel wrote:
      > > In case anyone was still unaware of this, yahoo mail accounts have been subject to an awful lot of
      > hacking lately. This is a reminder to change your passwords regularly folks, and make it a long
      > password so the brute-force-password-hacking-bot takes a very long time to crack it.
      > >
      > an idea that's been doing the rounds but isn't exactly mainstream yet is
      > to get away from pass'words' and get into the idea of pass'sentences'.
      > 'cat' is very easy for a computer to brute force hack
      > 'asdrfhasdk;fhas;drhfkfh' is hard to hack but also hard for you to remember
      > 'my cats name is tiddles' is pretty hard to brute force hack, and quite
      > easy for you to remember

      Another interesting technique I've seen, is to use something like 'tHISiShARDtOhACK'. The advantage of this is that anyone watching you could see you enter 'ThisIsHardToHack', not realising you've cannily pressed the Caps Lock key first.
      Of course, this does not work in those circumstances where a notification pops up alerting you the Caps Lock is on.



      BTW: Is it too early to plug this: http://www.circuswurx.co.uk/conv.php ?
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