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RE: MasterCon / EuroDipCon 2006

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  • Shaun Derrick
    MASTERCON XIII Hosting EuroDipCon XIV 3rd - 5th March 2006 Lee Valley Youth Hostel, Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, Herts
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2005
      Hosting EuroDipCon XIV
      3rd - 5th March 2006
      Lee Valley Youth Hostel, Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, Herts

      PROGRESS REPORT #1 incorporating the REGISTRATION FORM

      MasterCon is on the move once again. Keith and Eve Smith have stepped down from organizing the event after 4 years. This MasterCon is unique in that it will be in a new location and will also be hosting EuroDipCon - the first time since 1998! The main organizer and Tournament Director for the Diplomacy will be Toby Harris. Toby needs no introduction, he is a larger than life character who has been in the hobby for about 20 years. In fact he was the winner of EuroDipCon the last time it was hosted by MasterCon.
      I am Shaun Derrick, previous organizer of MasterCon from 1994 until 2001 and I am coming out of 'retirement' just for this particular convention. I will be taking a background role, having found a location for the event.
      David Norman will be helping with the Diplomacy scoring. With his considerable experience in this field, things will, I am sure, run very smoothly.
      Emeric Miszti is our website guru and he will be monitoring that side of things.
      Of course, MasterCon isn't just Diplomacy. There will be lots of casual gaming and an 18xx tournament which has been a mainstay of MasterCon since the convention began.


      There are two main options for accommodation, the hostel accommodation and the Marriott hotel. There may be local Bed and Breakfast options, but you would need to arrange these directly if you wish to pursue that option.

      The Lee Valley Youth Hostel has been completely refurbished and re-opened last year. For those of you who consider Youth Hostels to be shabby claustrophobic shacks, then you will be very pleasantly surprised how modern this one is. The rooms are all en-suite and have 2,4,6 or 8 beds in each. They are very spacious rooms with each lodge holding approximately 24 beds and have kitchen facilities and enough space for gaming away from the main gaming room if you wanted it. It is classed as a 5 Star Youth Hostel and is certainly much better than I expected it to be. Take a look at the website above.

      The gaming room is in the main block with the restaurants, snack bar, shop and 'Games room' (This has a table football game). It also has a balcony for those who want to get some fresh air or do their diplomacy outside. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings so smokers will have to go onto the balcony of the gaming room or outside the building.

      Access is very easy. By car it is just half a mile from the main street through Cheshunt town centre down Windmill Lane, plenty of parking available free of charge. By train you can alight at Cheshunt station which is just across the level crossing - literally a one minute walk! By air Stansted would be ideal as there is a direct regular rail service from Stansted to Cheshunt station. More specific details on train times and directions will follow in a future progress report.

      Being close to London there may be a number of people who won't need accommodation, but will merely commute to/from the venue. There is a direct service from Liverpool Street station to Cheshunt.

      The Marriott Hotel is about 2 miles away from the venue. This is for those who want rather more luxury than the Hostel. The hotel is on the junction of the A10 and A1170 at Turnford, the northern end of Cheshunt.


      The Lee Valley Youth Hostel
      1 bed in a 4,6 or 8 bedded room - £20.00 for Friday 03 March
      £27.50 for Saturday 04 March
      £20.00 for Sunday 05 March

      1 bed in a 2 bedded room - £40.00 for Friday 03 March
      £47.50 for Saturday 04 March
      £40.00 for Sunday 05 March

      The rate for Friday and Sunday includes breakfast. The rate for Saturday includes breakfast and dinner. The Saturday rate is a mandatory Dinner, Bed and Breakfast rate, whether you take the Dinner or not.
      All hostel bookings must be booked direct with the Youth Hostel.

      Lee Valley Village YHA,
      YHA (England & Wales) Ltd,
      Windmill Lane,
      Hertfordshire (UK),
      EN8 9AJ.
      Tel: 01992 628392 (00 44 1992 628392),
      Fax: 01992 643984 (00 44 1992 643984)
      Email: leevalley@..., www.yha.org.uk

      Please mention that you are part of EDC or European Diplomacy Championship so that they can apply the correct rate.

      The Marriott Cheshunt Hotel
      The hotel will hold some rooms off for me but I don't think this is necessary at this stage.

      The rate is £80.00 per night for a room whether there are 1 or 2 people in the room. This rate includes breakfast and VAT. If anyone wants the rate for 3 people in a room, let me know.
      However, if you are certain that you want to stay at this hotel and can book in advance, there is currently a web fare of £76.00 for up to 2 people in the room B&B, but you have to pay in advance and the rate is non-refundable. If you want to book this hotel not using the web fare, then please contact me. I would advise anyone even thinking of booking the hotel to let me know so that I can calculate the number of rooms required.
      If there are any Marriott card holders out there, you may get a better rate by contacting the hotel direct.

      The hotel details are...
      Marriott Cheshunt Hotel
      Halfhide Lane
      Hertfordshire EN10 6NG
      Phone: 01992 451245
      Fax: 01992 440120

      This would be nice, of course, but efforts so far have proved fruitless. Tesco have their head office in Cheshunt and I have tried to get some money out of them - result = no response!! Does anyone know how to get to the right people in this organization?

      There will be prizes for the top 7 in the Diplomacy and a trophy for the 18xx winner. Certificates will be awarded for Best Countries. If any more tournaments are arranged, there will be a trophy for it. If anyone can supply some game prizes... ?

      Games Stand!
      Dave Lunn from Gameseb will be present at MasterCon. He will be offering a discount of 10% on all purchases throughout the weekend. http://www.games-web.co.uk/

      This Progress report has been produced by Shaun Derrick, 313 Woodway Lane, Walsgrave, Coventry CV2 2AP Email: shaun.derrick@... or sderrick@...


      NAME (and nationality):





      The fee for the convention is £12.00 for the whole weekend if paid by Friday 24 February 2006 (No fee for non-UK residents who can also register by email on http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/edc2006/). Any payments after that date will have to be on the door will be £15.00. Do not to send registration fee cheques after 24 February as they may not be received in time.

      Please make cheques payable to TOBY HARRIS and send them along with this registration form to Toby at - 10 Charlotte Bronte Drive, DROITWICH, Worcestershire WR9 7HU
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