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Mind Sports Olympiad: two weeks until the hobby games festival

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  • Chris M. Dickson
    THIS SUMMER S SCHEDULE Sunday 15th: Archery, women s individual 70m, last 64. Monday 16th: Handball, men s preliminary round, group B. Tuesday 17th: Rowing,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2004

      Sunday 15th: Archery, women's individual 70m, last 64.
      Monday 16th: Handball, men's preliminary round, group B.
      Tuesday 17th: Rowing, lighweight coxed pair sculls, repechage.


      Saturday 21st: Trampolining, Men's team qualification, free routine.
      Sunday 22nd: Sailing, mixed multihull, race 4 of 11.
      Monday 23rd: Synchronized Swimming, female duet, technical prelims.


      Friday 27th: Lost Cities! Age of Steam!
      Saturday 28th: The Settlers of Catan!
      Sunday 29th: Acquire! Carcassone!
      Monday 30th: Puerto Rico!

      Don't let the gold, silver and bronze medals pass you by on your TV
      screen this summer; don't waste your time with endless technicalities
      and meaningless matches between people who are just happy to be there.
      Get out there and get straight into medal contention yourself. Be a
      doer, not a viewer. These are the games that matter.

      The eighth Mind Sports Olympiad has its first Hobby Games Festival on
      Bank Holiday weekend: six tournaments in some of your favourite games
      crammed into four days of frantic activity. We're back at UMIST in
      Manchester, just a javelin's throw away from Mancheser Picadilly
      station. This year's Olympiad looks set to be bigger and brighter than
      last year's in our new regular home; held in co-operation with the
      British Historical Games Society's National Championships, it'll be the
      longest and most action-packed yet.

      Think you know the Olympiad from previous years? Look again. Not only
      are we making it as easy as possible for the hobby gamers to play all
      their favourite tournaments, this year we have one special rate that
      covers all six tournaments. Even though you're leaving it late, just
      twenty pounds will get you into six tournaments. Last year, we asked for
      eighteen pounds (plus a five-pound late fee) for one contest; this year,
      a single twenty pound note will keep you busy for four whole days.
      Under-19s, over-60s, unemployed or disabled? Just thirteen pounds.

      We're taking a risk here, we're taking a financial hit. There are 41
      mind sports at this year's Olympiad and none of the others are getting a
      special one-price-covers-several-tournaments deal. However, we know that
      hobby game con fees are habitually low and we're cutting our prices to
      match. The cheap rate also means that the hobby game events won't have
      cash prizes; we're playing just for gorgeous, prestigious medals. All
      the same, we'd like to see dozens of people playing in the hobby game
      tournaments, else the Hobby Games Festival special price won't be back
      next year - and, perhaps, neither might the hobby games tournaments.

      Of course, the Mind Sports Olympiad is about much more than those six
      hobby games. We also have Diplomacy tournaments next weekend: Intimate
      Diplomacy (the popular 2-player version of the game) on Saturday 21st
      and the Olympiad Championship in the regular 7-player game on Sunday
      22nd. Backgammon and poker every day from Saturday 21st onwards, too.
      Chess, Bridge, Go, Scrabble, Backgammon, Twixt, Continuo, Boku - they're
      all there. Hardcore fans can come and join us for a full ten day tour of
      Planet MSO and as many tournaments as they like during that time for our
      special Pentamind charge of GBP 105. Heck, you can even try to win the
      World Memory Championship.

      If you're not local to Manchester, we have accommodation arranged within
      four minutes' breaststroke of the playing halls; whether you prefer en
      suite hotels or student rooms with shared bathrooms, whether your tastes
      are for Manorcon rooms or Midcon rooms, we have a great deal for you.
      (Full-time students get special discounted rates.) There's even
      half-price city centre car parking.

      Fill in the entry form at http://www.msoworld.com/2004/entries.html and
      post off a cheque for twenty pounds to us today. More information can be
      found at http://www.msoworld.com/Olympiad/index.html on the World Wide
      Web, or phone Tony Corfe on (01707) 659080.

      It's been weeks since the last big hobby convention. Like competing hard
      in your favourite games? We're the place to come.

      Six tournaments. Four days. One great rate.

      Now go win gold!

      Chris M. Dickson, Middlesbrough, Great Britain; chris@...
      MSO Worldwide -*- Bringing Brains Together -*- http://www.msoworld.com/
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