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  • Mark Stretch
    ... From: Ellis Simpson Ladies and gentlemen THE DATE I am pleased to tell you we now have a date for DiceCon 2004: Sunday 6 June 2004.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2004
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      From: "Ellis Simpson" <ellis@...>

      Ladies and gentlemen

      THE DATE
      I am pleased to tell you we now have a date for DiceCon 2004: Sunday 6 June
      2004. The venue will be the same as previous years - The Quality Hotel

      I am sending you this now as advance notice. Please put it in your diary.
      Please spread the word. I will send a follow up email with more details as
      soon as I can.

      But, watch out for a second DiceCon 2004...we are working with other
      Scottish gamers to bring you an east coast event later in the year. The
      current plan is that the June event will focus on the tournaments - Settlers
      of Catan with the top two, hopefully, winning entry to the World
      Championships, Galloping Pigs, maybe Carcassone, Up Front and whatever else
      we can get sorted. But there will be all the usual free play options.
      Basically, a day of playing games. The later east coast event will have
      less, if any, tournaments - depending on feedback from you - but a huge
      emphasis on playing games. Basically another day of playing games!

      WEB SITE
      I will not be able to update the web site for at least a couple of weeks but
      I will send a separate note when that is done.

      To be confirmed. We hope to give you great value gaming.

      Good gaming.

      Ellis Simpson
      Note: I am the DiceCon webmaster. You may contact me directly on this email

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