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2003 UK Zine Poll and Postal Gaming Web Site Poll

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  • fiendishgames
    Hi, I have been given leave to promote the 2003 Zine Poll and the Postal Gaming web site poll on this list on the basis that a lot of postal gamers are
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2003

      I have been given leave to promote the 2003 Zine Poll and the Postal
      Gaming web site poll on this list on the basis that a lot of postal
      gamers are convention attendees.

      Full information on this year's polls are on the downloadable voting
      forms which you will find here:

      http://www.fbgames.co.uk/words/mfg/docs/zinepoll.rtf (Rich Text
      Format, though it does not look too "rich" in my Word Processor!)


      http://www.fbgames.co.uk/words/mfg/docs/zp03.pdf (PDF format)

      but the basic details are as follows.

      You may vote for up to 10 zines - either download the voting form (see
      links above) and post your votes to me or send an e-mail to

      Any amateur PBM associated zine that is printed in the UK or published
      by a Briton and which has published a minimum of four issues during
      2003 is eligible. Electronic zines distributed via e-mail, even if
      downloaded from a web site, count as zines, not web sites. Examples:
      Serendipity, Devolution.

      If you are not sure if a zine is eligible then vote for it anyway and
      let me decide.

      This year, editors may note vote for their own zine but sub-editors
      may vote for the zines in which their sub-zines appear.

      Vote for up to 10 web sites. A web site qualifies provided the person
      running the site is involved in the postal hobby. Note that zines
      distributed via e-mail or downloaded from a web site are not eligible
      for the Web Site poll.

      The deadline for votes for both polls is midnight on December 31st,

      The results will be published (after I sober up) on http://www.

      The results will also be posted to http://groups.yahoo.
      com/group/ukpbm/ i nthe Files section.

      The Pimley Award commemorates the efforts of one of the early editors
      in the Hobby - Les Pimley, who died tragically young, but did a lot
      for the hobby. The award is given to the person or persons considered
      to have done the most for the hobby in the last year or so.

      This year there has been only one nomination and so the late Keith
      Loveys wins the award post-humously. That means the last two winners
      of this award are now no longer with us; let's hope for a cheerier
      year next year.

      I think that's it. I hope it has been of interest to the postal
      gamers. If there are any people reading this who are unaware of what
      the postal gaming hobby is all about, please send an e-mail to
      pbm@... and I will send you some sample zines and an
      introductory booklet.

      See you at MidCon, where I will be badgering people to vote.


      John Harrington
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