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  • Julia and Chris Boote
    Maycon Where? - City Inn, Brindley Place, Birmingham, B1 2HW. When? - 2nd to 5th May 2003, ie the first Bank Holiday weekend. What time? - 18:00 Friday night
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002

      Where? - City Inn, Brindley Place, Birmingham, B1 2HW.

      When? - 2nd to 5th May 2003, ie the first Bank Holiday weekend.

      What time? - 18:00 Friday night to 14:00 Monday.

      What did you have in mind? - Boardgames, Silly drive, Freeforms,
      Music Quiz, RPG, depends on what you ask for. Please fill in the
      boxes on the form and we'll try and make the convention you want.

      Where do we play? - There are three meeting rooms exclusively for our
      use in the hotel. We're arranging to have the big one set up with
      tables for 4-6 players, and the other two to have tables available.

      Bar? - Yes, of course. Prices and selection to be confirmed later.

      Accommodation? - Twin and Double Rooms in the hotel are £42 per night
      per person for Bed, Breakfast and Dinner with two sharing. Single
      occupancy is £60 per person per night for the same deal.

      But I need someone to share a room with? - Tick the box on your form
      or contact us.

      Dinner? - Up to £16.50's worth of food in the restaurant is included
      in the accommodation price. You can get two courses for this, or if
      you're hungry, you can just pay the extra and have a third. The
      meringue looks particularly yummy. There is a menu on the hotel site.

      Can I just sleep in the hotel, and not have dinner in the package as
      it'll get in the way of playing games? - Unfortunately not, the deal
      we have with the hotel means the whole package. There will be no
      formal sit down dinner. Instead you can go to the restaurant anytime
      between 18:00 and 22:30 to eat. Hopefully you should be able to slot
      that in between games. To put it in perspective, to just stay in the
      hotel with a special weekend rate in months without a R in them,
      booked correctly, and priced specially costs £32 per person per night
      so you're getting £6.50 worth of free dinner. For the same deal
      during the week it costs £135.

      But I'm a low-carb, gluten-free, British fruitarian - I won't be able
      to eat anything in the restaurant. - Okay, no, you possibly won't,
      but veggies should be fine, let us know and we'll tell the hotel, and
      they'll do their best.

      How much does it cost? Depends on when you decide to send us money.
      The sooner you pay the less it costs.

      to 31st Dec - £5/day or £15 the whole weekend
      1st Jan to 31st Mar - £6/day or £20 the whole weekend
      from 1st April - £8/day or £25 the whole weekend

      How do I sign up? Fill in the form, Email it to us, then send a copy
      and a cheque for the correct amount payable to "UK Freeforms Soc".
      I'll post the address to send it to in the couple of days, once the
      Royal Mail get their act together..

      I can't possibly just enjoy myself watching other people put all this
      effort in. How do I get to help? - just volunteer and we'll find you
      some way to help.

      I'd like to run a freeform; what do I do next? Then contact us. We'll
      put a timetable together based on who wants to play and what people
      want to run.

      I'd rather run a sit down RPG - can I? Yup!. Tell us, and we'll put
      it into the events list.

      What shall we do when we get bored of playing games, and drinking
      beer, and eating dinner? Well Birmingham is a pretty happening place,
      and there's lots of other stuff to do.

      And who's organising it? Chris Boote, Julia Iskett, Sue Lee & Mike
      Snowden . And our people on the ground in Birmingham are:- Chris
      Swainstone & Jenny.


      The plan is for a direct replacement for the old FurryCons that used
      to be in Brighton, where we used to play Intergame UK

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