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RE: Game 07 - Are You Game?

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  • Peter Scott
    Hi all, I m wanting to introduce you to a new, large gaming show in Manchester. Are you game? On the 23rd and 24th of June the largest organised play event in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2007

      Hi all, I’m wanting to introduce you to a new, large gaming show in Manchester .


      Are you game?


      On the 23rd and 24th of June the largest organised play event in Europe is coming to Manchester . If you’re game, you’ll be there playing against some of the best players in Europe for some of the best prizes. Win trips to Pro Tour Valencia, GenCon Indy, a place at the D&D Miniatures World Championships, flights and entry to the Vs Pro Circuit, a seat at the Magic UK Nationals 2007 or the cold, hard cash of the Dreamblade 1K.   


      With over a thousand gaming seats each day, whatever your game is you’ll find it at Game. The following are just a brief selection of the major events on offer - visit the www.game07.eu website often to see what new and fun events are being planned!


      Magic the Gathering™ Pro Tour Qualifier

      Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures European Championship, 200pt, sealed and 500pt

      Dreamblade $1k

      Last, Last Chance , UK National Qualifier for Magic the Gathering™

      European Open Tournaments in Star Wars Minis, Starship Battles & Axis and Allies

      VS Master Challenge

      Warcraft TCG Regionals Qualifier

      Yu-Gi-Oh King of Games

      Bloodbowl Tritex Challenge


      Legend of the 5 Rings Storyline Event

      Confrontation and AT43

      Warmachine and Hordes


      Of Course there’ll be Board Games


      Esdevium games will be running a host of tables with their board games to introduce new games to new and seasoned players. There’ll be new releases and old favourites. Even better, there’s a cool voucher scheme, should you like to buy one of them from the traders.




      If you’re into roleplaying, check out EberCon – the Con within a Con – for the very best in RPGA Organised Play featuring guest Eberron artists, writers and GM’s including Xendri’ik Expeditions supremo Brian ‘Kiddoc’ Mackey’s 3D Dungeon Delve, where the more monsters you beat the more loot you win.


      But that’s not all!


      Game 07 Exhibitors include: Wizards of the Coast, Upperdeck, top UK Distributor Esdevium Games, Sabertooth, Black Library, Privateer Press, as well as top games shops such as Fanboy 3, Patriot Games, Eclectic Games and online singles traders Tritex and House Atreides. More and more exhibitors are signing up every day to bring you the very best organised play events ever in one place across one weekend.


      But even that’s not all!


      Our innovative demo voucher scheme allows you to try before you buy and then save a chunk of change from our participating traders. 


      Visit www.game07.eu and register for entry tickets, tournaments, food and hotels. You can also pre-order limited edition Game 07 t-shirts for collection at the door!


      And if that wasn’t enough…


      Those who are game will also be able to see LARP in action, Fancy dress, meet fantasy authors, and attend a fantasy/SF film festival and much more…


      We’re Game.


      Are you?





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