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Re: Colchester All Day Gaming Good Friday Parking update. Once the Kingsland Church spaces are full we can use Lexden Springs school car park, CO3 9AB. This car park is acessed from Halstead Road
Apr 4, 2012
Colchester All Day Gaming Good Friday Colchester Board Games Club will be hosting a day of gaming on Good Friday, 6th April, starting from 10AM. £5 on the door but for that you get lunch and a
Mar 12, 2012
ManorCon, 16-19 July 2010, Leicester Come along for a board gaming weekend. Full details are in the enclosed flyer. Mark
Mark Stretch
Mar 4, 2010
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Ticket to Ride - UK Nationals Qualifiers for the World Championships GameCon (Game 09) will be hosting a 40 player Ticket to Ride UK Nationals qualifying event on the 17th of October. This is part of a grander qualifying "rail"
Sep 30, 2009
Gamers' Holiday in France? An idea I'm toying with at the moment... Something that UK-based gamers might be interested in... I'm wondering if some people might be interested in a gamer's
Phil Masters
Jan 26, 2009
SoRCon 2009 - 27th February to 1st March Colchester All, SoRCon is a mid sized friendly con in Essex. There will be lots of general board gaming plus a Quiz-a-Hunt event, a Bring and Buy and new games purchase
Lee Edwards
Jan 19, 2009
Conventions in the UK Dear all hi there, I was just wondering - What would people think if there was not a Gen Con UK 2009? Do you think in the current financial climate that a BIG
Nov 27, 2008
UK Games Expo - Grand Boardgames Tournament Hi All, The UK Games Expo Grand Boardgames Tournament will be held at the UK Games Expo on 31st May and 1st June. The tournament consists of four sessions, two
David Norman
May 12, 2008
ManorCon 2008, Leicester University, 25-28 July 08 Enclosed is a flyer for ManorCon 2008. I hope to see you there. Mark ... Red Panda Designs - for all your animal themed gifts -
    Mark Stretch
    Feb 13, 2008
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    SoRCon 2008 - 22nd - 24th February Colchester There are only a couple of weeks now to SoRCon and there is a little gaming room for any late comers. Please see www.sorcon.co.uk for details! Thanks, SoRCon
    Lee Edwards
    Feb 11, 2008
    UK Games Expo 2008 Birmingham 31st May and 1st June Announcing UK Games Expo is back again this year with the largest number of Board Games companies exhibiting in any UK convention. New games are promised by
    Feb 7, 2008
    ManorCon 2008 The UK's largest board and card games event, ManorCon 2008 will be held on 25-28 July 2008 at Stamford Hall, Leicester University. For further details, visit
      Mark Stretch
      Feb 4, 2008
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      SoRCon All, SoRCon will be held at the Ramada Hotel Colchester on February 22nd - 24th 2008. Convention accommodation room rates per night are as follows: Twin Room -
      Lee Edwards
      Nov 20, 2007
      Queens Lane Advertiser - Errata Hi All, An item of errata for the latest issue of the Queens Lane Advertiser... On the front cover, it stated that OxCon is 19-20th January 2008. On the OxCon
      David Norman
      Nov 1, 2007
      Pasteboard and Plastic 4 - 3 November 2007 Hi All, Having literally been told of this list today, I apologise in advance for the late notice of Pasteboard and Plastic 4. Pasteboard and Plastic is a
      Oct 27, 2007
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      PSYCHOCON 2007 PSYCHOCON 2007 3pm Friday 12th October to 6pm Sunday 14th October The Regent Suite, Golden Lion Hotel, LEEDS, UK Full details on the psychocon website:
      Mike Dean
      Aug 23, 2007
      UK Games Expo The next UK Games Expo -Everything about Games will be held on 31st May and 1st June 2008 at the same venue as this year's first very successful event -
      Aug 5, 2007
      Sorcon Registrations All, Just a reminder if we may please that SoRCon registrations are £15 up until the end of August when the prices will go up. We have added the option of
      Lee Edwards
      Aug 5, 2007
      Re: Games Day this Saturday 21 April in Coventry Just a final reminder that Games Day is at the Business Enterprise Centre, Deedmore Road, Coventry CV2 2AA this Saturday 9.30am until 5.00pm. A general
      shaun derrick
      Apr 18, 2007
      Settlers of catan at UK Games Expo - qualifies winner to play at Es UK Games Expo will host one of the 2 Qualifying Settlers of Catan tournaments the winner of which goes on to play in the world Settlers of Catan tournament in
      Apr 15, 2007
      Re: Games Day - 21 April in Coventry I would like to let everyone know that I am holding a games day (Board games) at The Business Enterprise Centre, Deedmore Road, Coventry CV2 2AA on Saturday 21
        shaun derrick
        Apr 4, 2007
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        UK Games Expo 2nd-3rd June 2007 Details and Schedule The First UK Games Expo is getting close now. With 100 tournaments and game sessions plus over 50 public participation games tables and over 50 exhibitors
        Mar 26, 2007
        Announcing SoRCon! SoRCon - Son Of Ramsdencon Con Following the sad loss of the Ramsdencon venue due to redevelopment a new con is born in it's place with the first gathering
        Lee Edwards
        Mar 17, 2007
        SpielchampsUK Date OK, I is officially brain dead The date for SpielChamps is Saturday May 19th Sorry for that Chris
        Mar 11, 2007
        Re: [SpielchampsUK] Fw: SpielChamps UK 2007 By the way, Spielchamps UK occurs on Saturday, 19th May in case you didn’t receive the follow-up email from Chris & Sue I’ve added it to the Spielchamps UK
        Malcolm Booker
        Mar 9, 2007
        Up & Coming RPG Conventions - March Update. March Update. Please check for any I have missed please? Up & Coming conventions. 0 Itzacon III. NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland. Friday 9th - Sunday 11th March
        Darran Sims
        Mar 7, 2007
        Fw: SpielChamps UK 2007 RIGHT! Good news (sort of) While MayCon is definitely cancelled this year, we have managed to get the Woking Venue sorted So... SpielChamps UK 2007 will take
        Feb 27, 2007
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        Re: Game 07 - Are You Game? Hi all, I'm wanting to introduce you to a new, large gaming show in Manchester. Are you game? On the 23rd and 24th of June the largest organised play event in
        Peter Scott
        Jan 11, 2007
        RamsdenCon Dear all, Just a quick note to confirm that RamsdenCon will not be taking place in February over the half-term period as Ramsden Heath School is undergoing
        John Harrington
        Jan 11, 2007
        UK Games Expo 2007 - Updated info UK Games Expo 2007 2nd - 3rd June 2007 Clarendon Suites, Hagely Road, Birmingham Everything about Games Monthly Newsletter Number 3 We are happy to say that
        Nov 4, 2006
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