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69Maycon Uk 2005

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  • Julia and Chris Boote
    Mar 1, 2005
      Where? The Rutland Square Hotel, St James Street, Nottingham.
      When? 29th April to 2nd May 2005 - the first Bank Holiday weekend.
      What time? 18:00 Friday night to 14:00 Monday.
      What did you have in mind? Boardgames, Spielchamps UK, Silly Drive,
      Freeforms, RPGs, Playtesting. And anything else you want to do.
      Please fill in the boxes on the form and we'll try and make the
      convention you want.
      Where do we play? The Rutland Square Hotel has three meeting
      rooms exclusively for our use in the hotel., plus another for children
      But I live in Nottingham - I don't want to stay in the hotel? That's
      okay, you can sign up for the con without having to stay in the hotel.
      If you're not staying in the hotel, please come and spend some money
      in there at the Bar
      Bar? Yes, of course. Any special requests for Real Ales or Bar Snacks?
      Accommodation? Twin and Double Rooms in the hotel are £35 per night
      per person for Bed and Breakfast with two sharing. Single occupancy is
      £45 per person per night. The hotel also has a number of Premier
      rooms, which can have extra beds, please contact them directly (0115
      941 1114, mention MayCon) to arrange this
      How much does it cost?
      In advance On the Door
      Up to March 30th From April 1st
      Per day £10 £12 £15
      The whole weekend £30 £35
      How do I sign up? Fill in the form, send it to us with a cheque
      payable to "UK Freeforms" or e-mail maycon2005@...
      I'd like to run a game / freeform / RPG session - can I? Yup!. Tell
      us, and we'll put it into the events list. We'll put a timetable
      together based on who wants to play and what people want to run.

      Booking forms available from the Yahoo group