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34ManorCon: 18th - 21st July 2003

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  • David Norman
    Jun 18, 2003
      ManorCon is the largest amateur games convention in the UK, with an annual
      attendance of over 200 gamers. And it is now just one month until the doors
      open, and the games begin.

      If you have already booked, then you will have received a Food
      Questionnaire. Please can you complete it and return it if you have not
      already done so. Due to the refurbishment of the kitchens, this year we
      have to pre-order the exact number of each meal required. If we go under,
      people go hungry. If we go over, ManorCon has to pay for the wastage, which
      will mean higher registration fees next year.

      If you haven't already booked, then you have just 12 days to do so. Booking
      closes on 30th June, and if you don't book in advance, you will have to pay
      the on-the-door price, which is 60% higher than the advance price. If you
      don't have a booking form, you can print one from the website,
      http://www.diplom.org/manorcon . Also there you will find a copy of the
      food questionnaire, which you can fill in and send in with your booking
      form. Or if you are intending to pay the higher price on the door, we'd
      still appreciate you filling in a food questionnaire and mailing (or
      e-mailing) it to us by 30th June.

      As ever, there will be a copy of the ManorCon Programme Booklet for
      everybody who attends. In the booklet will be a list of Upcoming
      Conventions. If you are running a convention between July 2003 and July
      2004, and would like an entry in the Upcoming Conventions list, please let
      me know the following details:

      Convention Name:
      Contact Name:
      Contact E-Mail:

      I look forward to seeing everybody in a month's time.