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  • James Pinnion
    Jan 10, 2002
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      Oxcon 2002 February 15th-17th
      Friday Evening: Laser Quest - please let us know in advance if you intend/hope to come to this by contacting James Pinnion (james.pinnion@...)
      Saturday and Sunday main events taking place at:
      Keble College, Oxford. Doors open by 10AM (same rooms as last year - with partitions removed and more tables!)
      Saturday: Diplomacy Tournament (starting 11AM - sign up by 10:50)
                      15 to 1 (starting after the Dip)
      Sunday: Settlers Tournament (Starting 11 AM - sign up by 10:50)
                     Lost Cities (starting after the settlers)
      Other ad hoc (non tournament) games will be played throughout the weekend.
      Prizes for Diplomacy, Settlers.
      Trophies for 15 to 1, Lost Cities.
      Cost: Entrance: £2, Diplomacy, Settlers: £3 Lost Cities: £1,
      Entire event: £6
      Half price for students
      general information (including tournament rules) check out http://come.to/oxcon.
      Please note we recommend not attempting to park in Oxford for the day - the park and ride is cheap (about two pounds if you're not planning on staying overnight) and the bus stops very close to Keble. If you have queries on Laser Quest, transport or anything else please e-mail james.pinnion@... or dipsoc@....
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