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119Pasteboard and Plastic 4 - 3 November 2007

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  • sevenwattbulb
    Oct 27, 2007
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      Hi All,

      Having literally been told of this list today, I apologise in advance
      for the late notice of Pasteboard and Plastic 4.

      Pasteboard and Plastic is a games day held three times a year in East
      Sussex, in the town of Saltdean, 5 miles East of Brighton.

      It is a very cheap and informal day held in Saltdean Scout Hut from
      10:00am until midnight. £3 entrance fee (profits to the Scouts) and
      bring your own games and food (or pop down and enjoy the local pub
      carvery). Hot drinks are available all day.

      There is a Yahoo group specific to the event, and the tinyurl is:
      Please read this group for details, better still join it if you wish
      to be kept informed of future events!


      - Dick (SevenWattBulb)