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109RE: [SpielchampsUK] Fw: SpielChamps UK 2007

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  • Malcolm Booker
    Mar 9, 2007

      By the way, Spielchamps UK occurs on Saturday, 19th May in case you didn’t receive the follow-up email from Chris & Sue


      I’ve added it to the Spielchamps UK yahoo group event calendar.






      Christopher Boote/Christopher Boote
      Sent by: Christopher Boote

      26/02/2007 02:43


      SpielchampsUK@ yahoogroups. com;Mayconuk@ yahoogroups. com;swiggers@ yahoogroups. com;uk-con- news@yahoogroups .com




      SpielChamps UK 2007Link




      Good news (sort of)
      While MayCon is definitely cancelled this year, we have managed to get the Woking Venue sorted
      SpielChamps UK 2007 will take place at
      The Sea Rangers Hut
      Westfield Avenue
      GU22 9PG
      http://www.streetma p.co.uk/newmap. srf?x=500473&y=157443&z=2&sv=500473,157443&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap. srf&searchp=newsearch. srf&ax=500473&ay=157443

      The games will be as announced last year
      Baumeister von Arkadia
      http://www.boardgam egeek.com/ game/25643


      http://www.boardgam egeek.com/ game/25224

      Säulen der Erde

      http://www.boardgam egeek.com/ game/24480

      Thurn und Taxis

      http://www.boardgam egeek.com/ game/21790

      We would like to start at 10:30, so would need all teams registered by 10:00, with a estimated finish of 18:30

      There will be NO registration or entry fee this year

      The Hut will have sandwiches, burgers, sausage rolls etc. and non-alcoholic drinks for sale

      We would like to apologise for the late announcement, but after the sudden decision to redevelop the Ramada in January, we have been struggling to find a venue that wouldn't cost £30+ per team

      Thank you for the patience and forbearance you have shown
      Chris & Suey