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104UK Games Expo 2007 - Updated info

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  • richard542030
    Nov 4, 2006
      UK Games Expo 2007

      2nd - 3rd June 2007 Clarendon Suites, Hagely Road, Birmingham

      Everything about Games

      Monthly Newsletter Number 3

      We are happy to say that plans proceed well towards UK Games Expo next
      2nd and 3rd June. It is looking like we can put together a fun and
      quite striking event here that should present to the public and
      established gamers a range of types of gaming in a high quality venue.
      Whether it is Roleplaying, Boardgames, Miniatures games, Collectible
      card games or computer gaming that interests you or everyone should
      find something to play and look at. Whether attendees come to just
      have a fun time, play in organised events, try out new games or to buy
      games we can offer all of this in an event that we hope will one day
      grow into something special along the lines of the great European
      events like Essen Speil or the US Origins and Gencon that see
      thousands flocking to the host cities. Why should we not have
      something here in the UK like that?

      Many of the traders and companies will be bringing demo games for
      attendees to sit down and play. UK Games Expo is about seeing a game,
      playing a game and if you like it having the chance to buy a game and
      take it home to play. Its about taking part.


      A Saturday Evening Games room is now provided at the Thistle Hotel -
      where we recommend overnight attendees stay. This room allows free
      play of board games or RPgs and is included in delegates fees. So dont
      just come for a day. Stay overnight and make it an event.

      We are happy to announce that in a bid to present games to the public
      we are developing a childrens and secondary school age boardgame
      championship. This is linked to an after schools clubs initiative. If
      you can get kids playing games early they and there families can
      discover the fun - and even the educational value of gaming. We are
      soon to meet with representatives of Birmingham Leisiure to present
      the plans and the vision we have to them.

      Big name traders that have joined the list of traders at UK Games Expo

      Black Industries demonstrating before its release a new Roleplaying
      Game - the long awaited Warhammer 40K RPG tie in "Dark Heresy" and
      also their very popular RPG Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying.

      Sabretooth Games bringing the Collectible Card Game UFS

      Mongoose bringing Starship troopers and Runequest and others.

      Privateer Press bringing Warmachines and Hordes.

      Wizkids are highly interested in attendance at this stage. Heroclix is
      5 years old the weekend of the Expo so its possible a special tie in
      may be arranged.

      Centralan UK are attending and will have first person shooter games
      and console games to sit down and play.

      We are exploring Esdevium attending and demoing Supersize versions of
      popular games such as Days of Wonder's Shadows over Camelot and Pirate
      Cover or other games.

      Confirmed Traders and Producers

      Spirit Games of Burton -Retailer of games

      Bishop Games of Coventry-Retailer of games

      Gamers - specialists in second hand and out of print games and RPG
      Material as well as retailer.

      Ian Weekly -InTime4Games Retailer Specialising in games for children.

      Stafford Games - bringing the big hit historical figure game Flames of

      JKLM - Games Producer and Distributor of boardgames. They are bringing
      their new boardgame to UK Games Expo to sit and play.

      Burley Games - Family Boardgames to try out.

      Ragnor Brothers- Board Games - bringing their new boardgame along to play.

      Tritrex- trades in singles and booster collectible mins.

      House Atreides- trades in Collectible Card Games

      Tabletop/Gamers Quest carrying a range of Rackham figures/ wargods

      These are traders who have in recent weeks confirmed attendance. Space
      is running out fast so if you have not sent in your booking form we
      advise that you do as we cannot hold space indefinately for traders
      who we have spoken to weeks ago.

      Tournaments and Game Sessions:



      Board game championship in 8 different games.

      Children's boardgame event

      Days of Wonder Memoir 44/ Battlelore tournament.

      Flames of war

      Warmachines/ Hodes

      Roleplaying Sessions in D+D, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer
      FRP, Dark Heresy. vanishing Point, Serenity, RuneQuest.

      Warhammer 40K


      World of warcraft CCG





      www.UKGamesExpo.co.uk is now live and carries brief details of the
      event. Booking forms will go on line towards the begining of 2007.

      Exhibitor packs and FAQ pdf are available at that site.

      Please note that the exhibitor pack on the site and attached to this
      news letter is now the one to use for upto date charges for trade
      stands and advertising and replaces previous packs.

      If any information on this newsletter is incorrect please inform us.

      Further news in about a month in Newsletter 4. More traders including
      we hope several historical miniatures traders and also more boardgame
      companies should be announced.

      Richard, Kevin and Pat of UK Games Expo.