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1Introduction to uk-con-news group

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  • David Norman
    Dec 30, 2001
      Welcome to the UK-Con-News Group.

      In this message :

      - What the group is about.
      - ** How to get off the list **.
      - How to add a new address to the list.
      - How to change your address.
      - Posting to the list.
      - Adding your mailing list to the list.

      - What the group is about.

      You will recently have received a message from me about MasterCon. The list
      of addresses I got was from the list used last year. And having used it, I
      discovered that about a dozen of the addresses were no longer valid. Plus a
      couple of people were not interested in receiving such information, and had
      asked to be removed from such mailings previously. And I decided if I was
      having such problems, then probably so is everybody else who does such

      So, I've set up this group. Anybody who is running a convention such as
      MasterCon, ManorCon, MidCon, OxCon, London Trophy, etc, can send a message
      giving details to everybody who might be interested. And anybody who isn't
      interested in such things, can unsubscribe from the list, and never be
      bothered again.

      But because this list is intended to be low traffic, there will be limits,
      both on what can be posted, and how much. This should limit the traffic to
      an average of 2-3 messages per month.

      - How to get off the list.

      If you no longer want to be on the list, you can simply send a message to :


      This will automatically unsubscribe you from the list.

      - How to add your address to the list.

      If you want to add a new address to the list, you can simply send a message
      to :


      from the address you want to add. A request for confirmation message will
      be sent in return, and replying to this will add you to the list.

      - How to change your address.

      The simplest way to change your address, is to remove your old address, and
      add your new address. See the two sections above on how to do this.

      Alternatively, you change your address at the yahoogroups website,
      www.yahoogroups.com . Instructions can be found on the website.

      - Posting to the list.

      Anybody who is running a games convention is welcome to send a message to
      this list, under the following conditions :

      (1) The convention must be for games such as Diplomacy, Settlers, Acquire,
      etc. It is not for such conventions as Chess, Bridge or Role-playing. This
      is a difficult line to draw, and some decisions will be subjective.

      (2) The convention must be in the UK.

      (3) Only three messages per convention per year may be posted to the list.
      It is recommended that these are one message when the details are first
      known, one a couple of weeks before, and one inbetween the other two.

      (4) The message should not include large attachments, such as large Word
      Documents. Remember that a lot of people will be downloading messages over
      a modem link on a pay-per-time phone line.

      Also, anybody who has any other relevant information they want to send out,
      may send a single message per year to the list, provided it conforms to the
      above. Examples of this include the "Player of the Year" voting, and
      information about major foreign conventions.

      To send a message to the list, send it to uk-con-news@yahoogroups.com .

      All posts are moderated, which means that I will see them and have to
      confirm they are acceptable before they are sent to the list.

      - Adding your mailing list to the list.

      If you want to make sure everybody on your mailing list is also on this
      mailing list, then send me a copy of your list. I will then filter out of
      it, anybody who is already on the list, and anybody who has previously
      removed themselves from the list. I will then add the remaining addresses
      to the list.

      David Norman.