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  • Howdy to all of you in ujeni world. I am sending this lettle update as I am changing all of my addresses. Email jsrinbf@^$1. Snailmail is jsr/BP110/Kaya/Burkina Faso. I have to mosey off to the A's game now...the mighty Devil Rays are in town. Love to all. JSR
    John Spurlock Romweber Sep 10, 2000
  • Tana, Congratulations. This is very exciting news and so wonderfully posted for all to enjoy. Are you still in West Indiana? I am typing from the coziness of my sister Nancy's bedroom here in Tahoe City. Had a dip in the lake today and feel marvelous and content. I am not sure which I love more--Lake Tahoe or Lake Malawi. I am headed to West Africa in September. Looking forward to...
    John Spurlock Romweber Aug 19, 2000
  • Greetings one and all, Should anyone be interested, I will be using the following e-mail address for the ensuing few months...jsromweber@^$1. I was kicked out of TC on account of making some of my mischievous students dig really deep holes in front of school. Big mistake. JSR
    John Spurlock Romweber Jun 27, 2000
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  • True that--I saw it (Paul's gassy rendition of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) both live and on video a couple times. Talk about ringing in the new millenium. JSR On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, Paul Dever wrote: > From: "Paul Dever" > > Reply to: RE>>[ujeni] I'm Baack > Better yet, I can SING mambo #5...Plus I did the ole Fanta and > "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" on video tape...
    John Spurlock Romweber Mar 20, 2000
  • Deb & Rand, Hey, congratulations. I guess that little party you all hosted in your hotel room at the Sahara was even more successful than any of us thought. As for the all important iwe name: Professor, Refuse, Maybe, Asbestos, Pliers, and Tycoon are all good options. But I vote for Sage. JSR
    John Spurlock Romweber Nov 26, 1999
  • Congrats Deb and Rand, I would like to thrown in my favorite names. I knew a guy who worked for Africare in Mzuzu--name of Professor. A waitress up at the Chombe Inn by the name of Maybe. And a short list out of Luwazu DEC--Refuse, Pliers and Asbestos. Have you thought about Sage...Sage Wise? Congratulations again. JSR> Return-Path: > Received: from mailrelay2.cc.columbia.edu...
    John Spurlock Romweber Nov 25, 1999
  • Roberto Last night I was down in Mike Doroquez's room checking out John's tic-tac-toe coming out party. Ten minutes into it Mike hit the record button. I can't speak for the first ten munutes, but the rest is somehow entertaining. Let me know if you can't do better and I will send you a copy. And you can save that coveted first edition Malawiopoly board for a Vegas 2002 doorprize...
    John Spurlock Romweber Nov 16, 1999
  • Come on Ken--I think we all know how much you like to be spanked--just not on the Ujeni. JSR
    John Spurlock Romweber Oct 25, 1999
  • A heart felt congratulation to the Drazeks. A Blessing for sure and a possible PCVT circa 2021? JSR
    John Spurlock Romweber Oct 25, 1999
  • Yes Dug--Papa knew beer and wrote splendidly on the topic. Those who have none the pleasures of drinking about five dusty Browns, and an equally warm five more Greens--in the shade along the shores of Lake Malawi--all well before the sun reaches its zenith--can appreciate such prose. JSR
    John Spurlock Romweber Oct 20, 1999