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Re: DC folks: Zanzibar pt 2

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  • Paul Dever
    Reply to: RE [ujeni] DC folks: Zanzibar pt 2 I had a hilarious incident at the African Museum of Art in DC: I was with some friends from Mali, and we stopped
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 7, 1999
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      Reply to: RE>[ujeni] DC folks: Zanzibar pt 2
      I had a hilarious incident at the African Museum of Art in DC:

      I was with some friends from Mali, and we stopped in the souvenir shop to
      see what we could sell all our stuff for. Then I saw a "Touareg Hat", a
      pastoral head covering that looks sort of like a Vietnamese rice-farmers

      Only problem is that Touaregs don't wear hats;they wear turbans. When I
      explained this minor detail to the shop owner, he said, "Yes, and what
      kind of hat is it?"

      I said, "Well, to be honest it is a hat worn by the indigenous Songai
      (Sonrhai) people of western Mali, and also the Peuhl herders."

      He said, "Uh...how do you know?"

      "I LIVE with them."

      "Uh, oh yes, it pains me to see this since I too am from Afica, but the
      vendor put the information on the item and I cannot change it."

      Yeah, right...

      Date: 12/2/99 5:37 PM
      To: Custodian
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      From: "Christine Chumbler" <cchumble@...>

      Damn, I knew I forgot something. Zanzibar is at 700 Water St SW in DC.

      Also, there's a free concert at the African art museum that day at 2pm. I
      went to the one last month (another Ghanaian band) and they were really
      good. I recommend checking this one out.

      Sounds from Africa: Akatanwia
      National Museum of African Art
      Laryea Addy and his group, Akatanwia, offer the hypnotic rhythms,
      delicate grace, and
      powerful musical language of traditional music from many regions of Ghana.
      Time: 2 PM
      Location: S. Dillon Ripley Center, Lecture Hall
      Cost: Free

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