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Re: She Lives!

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  • Paul Dever
    Reply to: RE [ujeni] She Lives! hey, mickie, she s so fine, she s so fine hey mickie... on the road from Mpherembe...1996 ... Date: 2/16/99 20:14 To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 16, 1999
      Reply to: RE>[ujeni] She Lives!
      hey, mickie, she's so fine, she's so fine hey mickie...

      on the road from Mpherembe...1996

      Date: 2/16/99 20:14
      To: Custodian
      From: ujeni@onelist.com
      From: Kristi Henderson <khenderso@...>

      Mickie has joined the list...surely you don't mean the elusive Mickie
      Merrifield?!? Well, great Joy and Hurray! :) Glad you've joined us,
      Mickie...I've missed the chatting.


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