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  • Paul Dever
    Reply to: RE [ujeni] Hollywood Squares Tape it for me, ansd send it overseas. Cultural classics such as Hollywood Squares somehow do not make it on the
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 8, 1999
      Reply to: RE>[ujeni] Hollywood Squares
      Tape it for me, ansd send it overseas. Cultural classics such as
      Hollywood Squares somehow do not make it on the Armed Forced Network
      program satellite we have here. Oh, dear.

      Date: 11/8/99 9:25 PM
      To: Custodian
      From: ujeni@onelist.com
      From: John Patten <jppatten98@...>

      Hey everyone, please pardon the intrusion for yet one
      more unabashed attempt to blow my own horn (steady
      Paul), but I just wanted to let everyone know I was on
      the Hollywood squares on Sat. and the show will air
      next Monday Nov.15th on CBS (7:30 pm here). I may have
      done less dignified things in my life, but at this
      juncture can't think of any. The publicist at the PC
      office here got a call, and she rooked 5 of us to go
      down and audition. I originally said no, but the
      student loan goons are about to come down and
      repossess my education, and I needed the money. I
      figured I could prostitute myself on the altar of a
      really lame game show and have an interesting life
      experience. It actually was fun in a reasonably
      terrifying way with all the flashing lights and
      cameras, and the "smile and clap" fluffers constantly
      on your case to do one or the other. Plus I did win my
      games (tic tac toe is not rocket science) and I won 3
      grand plus a ridiculous home theater system worth
      $8,600. Which is ironic because I want to work
      overseas and subscribe to the kill your television
      mindset (I don't watch crap like this!). I'll have to
      sell it just to pay the 4 grand in taxes (garth brooks
      had the Porshe square). But I consider myself lucky. I
      brought a bunch of pictures of all of us down, but I
      think they only used one. Whoopi Goldberg's
      hairdresser combed my hair, so if I look like a
      smilin, clapping, gunnar nelson hairdo wearin dork,
      please go easy. Eighteen years of education and all I
      get to say is "I agree" or "I disagree." PS- I still
      need a job. Love, JP.


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