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Fw: executive director

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  • Weber
    I know you are here Liz, and I m sure you are Mandy (hi!!!) but don t know if Deepa is a ujeni member. If she s not, does anyone know her e-mail address?
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 1999
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      I know you are here Liz, and I'm sure you are Mandy (hi!!!) but don't know
      if Deepa is a ujeni member. If she's not, does anyone know her e-mail
      address? This from Elizabeth McGovern does sound good. Hope someone can
      use it.

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      From: Elizabeth McGovern <emcgovern@...>
      To: weber@... <weber@...>
      Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 3:32 PM
      Subject: FW: executive director

      >I thought some of your list serves might be interested this. I especially
      >thought Deepa or Liz Bell or Amanda Briggs might be interested or know of
      >someone who is. If you have their e-mail, could you pass it on? I don't
      >have their e-mail.
      >Elizabeth McGovern
      >POSITION: Executive Director
      >Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS)
      >Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS) is seeking a qualified
      >professional to serve as Executive Director. HIPS is a nonprofit
      >organization that conducts outreach to youth prostitutes in DC to assist
      >them in securing alternatives to prostitution, educates street sex workers
      >and the community about HIV prevention, safety and the sex trade; and
      >advocates for protecting the human rights of sex workers, in efforts to end
      >the sexual exploitation of young people.
      >HIPS is seeking an Executive Director who will carry forward the mission of
      >HIPS to provide alternatives and support to young people who are victims of
      >prostitution in Washington, DC. HIPS Executive Director will have
      >responsibility for administering the day-to-day operations of the HIPS
      >programs including hiring and supervising staff, raising funds, developing
      >and implementing annual plans of work for the organization with
      >budget, staffing and evaluation plans.
      >HIPS� services include: an outreach van on Friday and Saturday nights, a
      >peer education program, referrals to appropriate agencies and services, a
      >hotline for help and information, and placement in cases where individuals
      >decide to leave the streets. HIPS also convenes a parent support group and
      >has plans for a drop-in center for the youth and is developing a prevention
      >program for local youth. HIPS collaborates with social service, legal
      >agencies, law enforcement, religious, educational, and health institutes to
      >improve services to youth.
      >HIPS� programs are carried out by a small, dedicated staff, which include
      >Executive Director, Program Director, Outreach Specialist, Program
      >Coordinator, Office Manager and Case Manager along with 60-70 volunteers
      >work on the outreach van and manage the hotline. HIPS is a 6-year-old
      >non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors of up to 21
      >The Executive Director will work closely with the HIPS Board of Directors
      >and serve as an ex-officio member of the HIPS Executive Committee and will
      >represent HIPS publicly to collaborations, customers, funders and the
      >The HIPS Executive Director will represent the youth clients (female, male
      >and transgender) and advocate for their right to educational, social,
      >and legal services they need for healthy and safe lifestyles.
      >HIPS anticipates hiring an Executive Director who has passion for the
      >mission of the clients served, compassion and respect for the youth
      >integrity in administering the program and professionalism in working with
      >HIPS staff, volunteers, Board members, and collaborators. This person
      >should show a personal commitment to social change and eradication of
      >violence against HIPS clientele. In addition, this person should be
      >experienced and respected in the field, capable of carrying out HIPS�
      >mission and strategies, and able to think systematically and creatively to
      >help the program grow and increase its impact. The HIPS Executive Director
      >will exercise good judgment and have the capacity to make quick decisions.
      >Articulate the vision and mission of HIPS in collaboration with the Board
      >Develop, manage and administer the continuous operation of all HIPS
      >and activities.
      >Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and activities in annual report to
      >funders and Board of Directors.
      >Document and report the accomplishments and impacts of HIPS� programs in
      >regular reports to the Board of Directors, funders, collaborators, and
      >Secure funds to support HIPS' mission by seeking grants and raising funds
      >from public and private sources.
      >Foster a collegial atmosphere in hiring, supervising, evaluating and
      >providing HIPS staff with development opportunities.
      >Provide effective management of HIPS human and financial resources by
      >preparing and managing HIPS annual budget, working with an accountant and
      >Board Treasurer.
      >Provide regular budget reports to the Board of Directors.
      >Establish and maintain collaborations with federal or local government
      >agencies, non-profit organizations, community and civic groups, and law
      >enforcement agencies in support of all aspects of HIPS programs.
      >Professionally respond to controversial issues regarding the populations
      >that HIPS serves.
      >Represent HIPS to the general public and specific constituents, inform and
      >educate the general public about the mission of the organization and the
      >needs of its clients.
      >Support Board of Directors' commitment to the organization by developing
      >effective communication, a cooperative relationship, and Board involvement
      >in support of HIPS� programs.
      >Follow and enforce administrative guidelines and policies and procedures
      >approved by the HIPS Board of Directors.
      >Serve on HIPS Board of Directors and HIPS Executive Committee as a
      >non-voting member.
      >BA/BS required, MA/MS preferred with concentration in sociology, social
      >work, psychology, counseling, youth development, education, public
      >administration or public health.
      >Three to five years of experience in the following areas:
      >* program development for at-risk youth
      >* successful fund development including writing proposals, working with
      >funders, budgeting and managing resources
      >* direct-service experience with at-risk youth
      >* building and maintaining collaborative partnerships
      >* managing non-profit organizations
      >* working with and managing volunteers; and varied levels of community
      >Communication: conduct effective oral and written communication; make
      >presentations, perform technical writing for proposals and reports: inform
      >and maintain contact with HIPS Board of Directors and key constituencies.
      >Program management: ensure efficient, effective day-to-day operations;
      >empower/motivate staff to carry out the HIPS programs; effectively
      >day-to-day staff operations.
      >Fundraising: secure resources through grant writing and outreach to
      >individual donors.
      >Collaboration: seek and secure collaborative relationships to aid HIPS in
      >successfully delivering services.
      >Research: document and effectively communicate the scope, severity, status
      >and impact of prostitution, gather and analyze data as the basis for
      >development and assessment.
      >Program Development: translate results of needs assessments and research
      >into appropriate programs to serve target populations; provide knowledge of
      >the philosophy, purpose and effective practices working with at-risk youth.
      >Knowledge of philosophy, purpose, and effective practices in working with
      >at-risk youth.
      >Ability to gather and analyze data as the basis for program development and
      >Ability to seek and secure resources - financial, collaborations, and
      >partnerships to aid HIPS in the successful delivery of services.
      >Ability to build trust among the youth served by HIPS.
      >Ability to work with gay/lesbian/transgender populations and staff.
      >Ability to effectively supervise and provide guidance to staff.
      >Ability to work with a wide range of people/agencies (e.g., community-based
      >organizations, police departments, neighborhood representatives, local and
      >national government agencies) to ensure effective outreach and services for
      >HIPS clients.
      >Skills in operating computers and general knowledge of the Internet.
      >The HIPS Executive Director performs under the supervision and guidance of
      >the HIPS Board of Directors.
      >$40,000 annual salary plus benefits package.
      >The HIPS office is located in Southeast Washington, DC. Duties are
      >performed in normal conditions as usually found in offices and community
      >settings. Transportation, whether public or private, is a routine and
      >integral requirement of the position.
      >To apply for the HIPS Executive Director Position, please send a cover
      >letter outlining interest in position and key qualifications, current
      >resume, writing sample, and history of resource development activities
      >including amounts generated, via mail to Executive Director Search, HIPS,
      >P.O. Box 15651, Washington, DC 20003-0651;e-mail (HIPSINC@...); or by
      >fax to 202-543-3343 no later than November 10, 1999.
      >Krissi Jimroglou
      >Director, HandsNet Training & Resource Center
      >1990 M Street, NW #550 email: kjimroglou@...
      >Washington, DC 20036 voice: 202/872-1111
      >http://www.handsnet.org fax: 202/872-1245
      >HandsNet empowers organizations to integrate online communications
      >strategies effectively, improving programs and policies for children,
      >families and people in need.
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