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Re: Re: Halloween!!!! Finally, all the info that you could want

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  • Paul Dever
    Reply to: RE [ujeni] Re: Halloween!!!! Finally, all the info that you_ Too bad it doesn t work overseas... ... Date: 10/18/99 1:03 To: Custodian From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 1999
      Reply to: RE>[ujeni] Re: Halloween!!!! Finally, all the info
      that you_
      Too bad it doesn't work overseas...

      Date: 10/18/99 1:03
      To: Custodian
      From: ujeni@onelist.com
      From: "Daniel Dudley" <papadud@...>

      Hello all you RPCV's I just decided to join the Ujeni site since Gert and
      have finally R'ed, ie, returned. We are lovin it here and I have a great
      job at a private school in Sedona AZ. I tried to post this message on the
      Ujeni but failed for some reason so I just decided to reply all to one of
      Matt's messages assuming that most of you were PCV's.

      I am writing because I have become a Representative in a long distance
      company called Excel. The company is legit, it is currently the 4th
      behind Sprint and is traded on the the NY stock exchange.

      I can basically offer you 3 long distance plans depending on your calling
      habits and monthly spending.
      1) You can only sign up for this plan until Dec 31 then there won't be any
      new subscriptions. It is 3cents per minute between 7pm and 7am and 10
      any other time with a $5.95 monthly service charge.(Compare this to MCI's
      similar plan 5 cents per minute off peak and 25cents per minute peak)

      2) This one is called "dime deal" it is 10cents per minute any time with a
      $1 per month service charge.

      3) The third is called "simply seven" it is 7 cents per minute any time
      $4.95 per month service charge.

      I am desparately trying to earn a free computer. I have to sign up 10
      people for long distance by the end of the month. There are alot of other
      benefits to people who would like to consider being an Independent
      Representative and they are described on my web site listed below. Gert
      really getting into playing on the internet and is trying to teach herself
      how to type and basically learn her way around a computer and this is
      a good chance for us.

      There is no cost to change service, and if you don't like the service,
      will change you back to your previous service at their expence. You
      don't have anything to lose and you would be helping us out alot. It
      only takes a couple of minutes. Probably less time that it took to read
      this e-mail. You just go to my web site and click on products and

      Thank you for your time,
      Dan Dudley
      Class of 94-96 extended to 99 privately.

      If you are interested in competative long distance rates check out my web
      site at http://www.excelir.com/ddudley

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