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  • Allison Mobley
    Emergency Contraception Promotion Project Manager, Sacramento, CA PSI is seeking a Project Manager to implement an Emergency Contraception Promotion Project in
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 21, 1999
      Emergency Contraception Promotion Project Manager, Sacramento, CA

      PSI is seeking a Project Manager to implement an Emergency Contraception
      Promotion Project in Sacramento County, California. This position is based
      in Sacramento, and is a full-time one-year contract position with the
      possibility of renewal. Position will report to the Director, US Programs
      who is based in Washington, DC.

      RESPONSIBILITIES: The Project Manager will be responsible for the start-up
      and operation of this new project which will have three main components: the
      organization of training programs for health and social service providers on
      emergency contraception; organizing key community members to support
      emergency contraception (includes establishing a community Emergency
      Contraception Coalition); and promoting emergency contraception to the
      general public with an outreach and mass media campaign. The Project
      Manager will undertake all tasks related to reaching these goals, and will
      manage the project budget; report on project finances and progress to
      PSI/Washington; oversee production of educational/promotional materials,
      implement a mass media and promotional campaign; work on project
      fund-raising as needed; and any other duties as required.

      QUALIFICATIONS: Relevant Bachelor's degree; project management experience;
      knowledge of, experience with, and dedication to reproductive health issues;
      proven ability to work independently; cross-cultural competency; excellent
      verbal and written communication skills; exceptional organizational skills;
      computer literacy; and a valid driver�s license and access to reliable

      Preference will be given to candidates with community organizing experience;
      Spanish language competency; experience with qualitative research; relevant
      Master�s degree (MPH, MSW, etc.); knowledge of/experience with reproductive
      health organizations, media organizations and community groups in Sacramento
      County; experience working with adolescents; experience with/knowledge of
      social marketing; and public relations/marketing experience.

      Salary and Benefits: Salary commensurate with experience. PSI offers an
      excellent benefit package, including health and dental insurance, paid
      vacation and sick leave, and other benefits. PSI is an Equal Opportunity
      Employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals regardless
      of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

      Qualified applicants should send a resume and cover letter to: Recruitment
      Director, attn: EC-CA, PSI, 1120-19th Street, N.W. Suite 600, Washington,
      D.C. 20036. Fax (202) 785-0120. E-Mail: Recruitment@.... EOE.
      No phone calls please.

      Population Services International (PSI) develops and operates social
      marketing programs in more than 50 developing countries and in the U.S. PSI
      uses private sector marketing and advertising techniques to make essential
      health products easily available at affordable prices and to promote
      healthier behavior. These programs provide critical health products for
      family planning, maternal and child health, and the prevention of AIDS,
      malaria and other diseases. The organization also engages in innovative
      communications campaigns designed to motivate positive change in health
      behavior. PSI is an unusual non-profit organization in that it operates in
      the private sector and bases its management style on the private (rather
      than non-profit or public) sector. The result is a bottom-line orientation
      that is unique among non-profits. PSI�s largest asset is its dedicated,
      creative and enterprising staff. It is a flexible, progressive organization
      that provides challenges and virtually unlimited opportunity for
      responsibility. PSI encourages innovation and initiative and places a
      premium on results. For further information please visit our home page at:
    • Kristen Cheney
      ... Anthropology Department University of California at Santa Cruz 1156 High St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Ph: 831-460-9374 Fax: 831-460-9177
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 7, 2000
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        >Subject: Job Announcement
        > Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might have interest.
        >------------------------------- Food First
        > Job Announcement/Job Description
        > Internet Program Coordinator/Web Weaver
        > Food First/The Institute for Food and Development Policy is a
        > not-for-profit education-for-action center and progressive think tank with
        > a mission to end the injustices that cause hunger by moving people to take
        > effective action.
        > Position Summary
        > The Internet Program Coordinator is responsible for the internet program,
        > and for overseeing the Institute's Technology Policy.
        > Specific responsibilities include: Web development (design, expansion,
        > maintenance, promotion and analysis); list administration; other possible
        > use of the Internet to further the Institute's mission; Internet
        >& upgrading in-house computer
        > services including ether and Appletalk networks, hardware, OS and software
        > upgrades and Tech support to staff).
        > Qualifications
        > Required:
        > * Professional-quality Web development experience
        > * Excellent computer skills (Macintosh and DOS/Windows)
        > * Experience with email list administration and other Internet technologies
        > * Knowledge of Internet connectivity issues
        > * Ability to be self-directed and to work cooperatively in a collective
        > environment
        > * Project management skills
        > * Comfort in talking to both experts and lay people about issues including
        > hunger, human rights, sustainable agriculture, international development,
        > computers and online communications
        > Mac OS and Windows trouble-shooting skills
        > * Commitment to social justice and the mission of the Institute
        > * Appreciation of diverse cultures and a diverse work environment.
        > * Ability to provide leadership and vision to our communications strategy
        > using the internet
        > Desired:
        > Experience in network administration
        > Good Knowledge of MAC OS
        > Technical needs assessment and planning skills
        > Online fundraising and grant writing experience
        > Advanced Web development skills (information, graphic and visual design;
        > HTML; JavaScript, ASP, CGI, and other programming; testing; promotion and
        > analysis; knowledge of tools; knowledge of standards and compatibility
        > issues)
        > Knowledge of computer security issues and backup systems
        > Knowledge of E-commerce techniques and issues
        > Specific Responsibilities
        > The Internet Program Coordinator/Web Weaver works with other staff to
        > insure a first rate electronic outreach/communications strategy and
        > budget
        > and workplan for areas under her/his responsibility.
        > Webmaster responsibilities include:
        > * Interface with other staff who provide most content
        > * Brainstorm web (and other e-communications) strategies/features/audiences
        > with other staff
        > * Design pages in consultation with other staff
        > * HTML content
        > * Development of images, including scanning and other graphics work
        > * E-commerce features including secure server
        > * Create searchable archives
        > * Add and maintain links in consultation with other staff
        > * Manage list-serves, blast fax and email features, etc.
        > * Participate in fundraising (grant writing, etc.) activities with other
        > staff to support electronic outreach/services.
        > * Provide staff with computer-related trouble-shooting on an as-needed and
        > time-available basis.
        > * Provide leadership of technology policy
        > * Provide tech support to staff
        > Network Administrator responsibilities include:
        >& upgrade our internal ether and Appletalk networks.
        > * Do feasibility study on acquiring a server and purchase/install/maintain
        > one if so desired
        > * Develop in-house file sharing/communication strategy in consultation with
        > other staff
        > * Manage OS and software upgrades/compatibility on Institute's computers.
        > * Purchase computer equipment as needed, based on comparison shopping.
        > * Maintain internet services.
        > * Assist other staff with computer-related problems/needs. * Take charge
        >of relations with outside computer-related vendors.
        > Employment Status, Salary and Benefits
        > This is a Level III job classification, depending on experience, with an
        > benefits package
        > including health, dental and vision coverage and retirement benefits.
        > How to Apply
        > Send your resume, cover letter, three references, and an URL where we can
        > see your work, to:
        > Internet Coordinator Search Committee
        > Food First
        > 398 60th Street
        > Oakland, CA 94618
        > fax 510-654-4551
        > foodfirst@...
        > www.foodfirst.org
        > Position open until filled.
        > Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.
        > Anuradha Mittal
        > Co-Director
        > Institute for Food and Development Policy/Food First
        > 398 60th Street, Oakland, CA 94618 USA
        > Fax: (510) 654-4551
        > http://www.foodfirst.org
        > Explore our extensive resources (updated daily)
        > Find out about our programs
        > Join our member supported organization
        > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
        > ----------
        > --------------
        > 25 Years of Fighting for the Right to Feed Oneself 1975 - 2000
        > && Justice!
        > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
        > ----------
        > --------------
        > ----------------------------
        > rosset@...
        > ---------------------------- --
        > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS and
        >FAX NUMBER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ & Regional Studies
        >University of California, Santa Cruz 232 College Eight 95064 831.459.2833
        >831.459.3518 fax global@... http://www2.ucsc.edu/cgirs
        Anthropology Department
        University of California at Santa Cruz
        1156 High St.
        Santa Cruz, CA 95060

        Ph: 831-460-9374
        Fax: 831-460-9177
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