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FW: Info for Health Educator/Promoter Activists (fwd)

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  • Susan Peterson
    ... Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 07:03:28 -0700 From: Susan Prows To: Multiple recipients of list DPHGRAD Subject: FW:
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      Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 07:03:28 -0700
      From: Susan Prows <Susan.Prows@...>
      To: Multiple recipients of list DPHGRAD <DPHGRAD@...>
      Subject: FW: Info for Health Educator/Promoter Activists

      This might be of interest to the those who have an activist streak and
      global perspective (in the Karyn Pomerantz tradition):

      1. Under the leadership of Quentin Young, MD, past president of APHA, a
      Public Heatlh Advocacy organization is in its formative stages. Plans
      are to make it a 501(c)3 organization independent of APHA. Already there
      are chapters in some states like Illinois. For info contact Lee-Lin Wang
      or Quentin at 312, 922-8057.

      2. On Thurs., Sept. 9th, all day, at the Hilton Hotel in Baltimore, as
      part of East Coast Regional Summit on Africa (to run on Sept. 10-11) a
      panel will run entitled, "Toward Health and Well-being in Africa:
      Prevention & Treatment of HIV/AIDS." Goals of the panel are to:
      a. educate attendees about the problem
      b. discuss the elements of preventive-interventive, doable, policy
      c. fashion a policy statement to be supported by the audience when
      they attend the larger regional summit, and submit that statement to the
      leadership of the summit. The panel is sponsored by Maryaldn Global
      Affairs Coalition, Middlebury College, Johns Hopkins University School
      of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the Ark Foundation. At
      this date panel participants are Don Burke, MD (Johns Hopkins SPH),
      Glynn Trevillion (Middlebury College), David Awasum, MD (Johns Hopkins
      Hospital), Rhoi Wangila (Ark Foundation of Africa), Barbara Lee (US
      House of Representatives), a representative from Merck Pharmaceutical
      Co, and Daniel Leviton, PhD (University of Maryland at College Park).
      Contact: Dan Leviton, 301, 431-3733 or 405-2528.

      3. Nov. 7, all day, an APHA-sponsored institute entitled, ITS TIME TO
      PEOPLE-CAUSED DEATHS. Speakers include
      Barry S. Levy (past president of APHA), Julia Alvarez UN representative
      from the Dominican Republic, Linda Campanelli (LifeDesign Inc),Chuck
      Woolery (World Federalist Association), and Daniel Leviton (University
      of Maryland).

      It is beyond dispute that the topic is timely considering the increasing
      threat of people-caused deaths as revealed daily in the media (e.g.,
      Columbine HS, hate crimes, pollutions of one sort or another, Kosovo,
      the threat of nuclear war coming from India-Pakistan, China-Taiwan, and
      several others. Contact: the American Public Health Association to
      register for this pre-conference institute.

      All three announcements have a common theme: The prevention and
      elimination of people-caused deaths (that, by definition, are
      preventable) by means of taking action. Such "action" can and will vary.


      Dr. Daniel Leviton
      Center on Aging
      College of Health & Human Performance
      University of Maryland
      College Park, MD 20742-2611, Phone: (301) 405-2528

      ** Support the HEDIR, do your internet shopping via HEEF:
      ** http://www.healthbehavior.com/vendors.html
      ** Limited-time Free Access to the IEJHE: http://www.iejhe.siu.edu
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