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Peace Corps cuts pass U.S. House - BUT ITS NOT THE END OF THE STORY (See the end for suggested actions)

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  • Raymond R. Wise
    ... criticized for human rights abuses committed by some of its graduates in Latin America. ... blanket cuts. This would be a noncontroversial independent act
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 1999
      >Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 18:16:21 -0400
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      >> House approves veto-threatened $12.6 billion foreign aid bill
      >> By TOM RAUM
      >> Associated Press Writer
      >> August 3, 1999
      >> Web posted at: 4:09 p.m. EDT (2009 GMT)
      >> WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House overwhelmingly approved a $12.6 billion
      >> foreign aid bill on Tuesday (August 2) that would slash many international
      >> programs championed by the Clinton administration.
      >> Next come negotiations with the Senate and then a likely veto
      >> confrontation with the White House.
      >> The 385-35 House vote far exceeded the two-thirds margin that would be
      >> needed to override a veto.
      >> But many House Democrats hinted they might support a veto if budget
      >> negotiators don't find more money.
      >> "I plan to vote `aye' to move the bill along," said Rep. Nancy Pelosi of
      >> California, senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee's foreign
      >> operations panel. But she complained that it contains "too little money to
      >> work with."
      >> Although Pelosi and other Democrats said they hoped some of the program
      >> levels could be raised in negotiations with the Senate, it won't be easy.
      >> A House-Senate conference committee will be named to iron out differences.
      >> The Senate's $12.7 billion version, passed June 30, is also veto
      >> threatened. It also slashes many international aid programs while providing
      >> unrequested money for a Kosovo security force.
      >> Both Senate and House measures would CUT funds for the Peace Corps.
      >> The House measure, in addition, would deny any U.S. funds for foreign
      >> organizations that perform abortions or engage in lobbying activities that
      >> change the abortion laws of foreign countries. It would also freeze funds
      >> for international family planning assistance at $385 million.
      >> Before the final vote on the bill after three days of debate, the House
      >> approved, by voice vote, an amendment by Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.,
      >> cutting $2.3 million from the U.N. World Heritage Fund and the U.S. Biosphere
      >> Program, shifting the money to child survival and disease programs.
      >> Members debated late into the night Monday, rejecting cuts in the
      >> government's Overseas Private Investment Corp.
      >> Overall, the House bill would cut President Clinton's aid request by $1.9
      >> billion for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, and spending in the
      >> current fiscal year by $715 million.
      >> Administration officials warned that the cuts, as well as the restrictive
      >> abortion language, could lead to a presidential veto.
      >> The bill would provide $7.4 billion for economic aid, $3.6 billion for
      >> military assistance, $1.1 billion for international agencies and $595.5
      >> million for export assistance.
      >> Payment of dues to the United Nations, money for U.S. diplomacy and other
      >> foreign affairs funding is in separate legislation not yet approved.
      >> The legislation also includes the first funding cut for the U.S. Army
      >> School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga. The school has been
      criticized for human rights abuses committed by some of its graduates in
      Latin America.
      >> It also would sharply reduce aid to the former Soviet republics and would
      >> chop aid to Russia by 50 percent unless it ends nuclear and ballistic
      >> missile cooperation with Iran.
      >> ------
      >> The bill is H.R. 2606.
      >> *****ANALYSIS AND SUGGESTED ACTION **********
      >> This Bill is likely to be vetoed by the President, forcing new Bills from
      >> both the House and Senate.
      >> Please contact your local offices for your U.S. legislators and find out
      >> when they will be in town. Ask them to work on getting appropriations at
      >> $270 million for Peace Corps Fiscal Year 2000 , so that we can begin the
      >> overseas expansion. This expansion has received BYPARTISAN LEADERSHIP
      >> support during the past 12 months. Thank your congressional staff for
      >> their past support. But also ask them not to put Peace Corps into their
      blanket cuts. This would be a noncontroversial independent act on their part.
      >> Contact the White House and urge Clinton to veto the currently passed
      >> Foreign Operations appropriation bill for FY 2000. The conference bill
      >> can't provide more then the highest appropriation recommended from the
      >> Senate and the House - and both cut the Peace Corps. In addition there
      >> are substantial cuts for all humanitarian aid.
      >> Regardless of what political party you support if you are on this mailing
      >> list then you should speak out. This is something each of us CAN do. We
      >> don't have to wait for someone else.
      >> Below is a list of the House and Senate subcommittees that work on foreign
      >> operations appropriations. If they represent you, or you have a
      >> legislator on appropriations it is important that you speak to them.
      Let's move Peace Corps back off of dead center!
      >> ------------------------ HOUSE Appropriations and subcommittee
      >> The following House members, set the Peace Corps budget, by serving on the
      >> key House Appropriations - Foreign Operations subcommittee - Republican -
      >> Regula (chair), Kolbe, Skeen, Taylor, Nethercutt, Wamp, Kingston and
      >> Lewis.
      >> Democrat - Pelosi (ranking minority member), Lowey, Jackson, Kilpatrick
      >> and Sabo.
      >> The full House Appropriations committee can change recommendations from
      >> the above subcommittee: They include: Republicans, CW Young (chair),
      Regula, Lewis, Porter, Rogers, Skeen, Wolf, DeLay, Kolbe, Parckard, Callahan,
      >> Walsh, Taylor, Hobson, Istook, Bonilla, Knollenberg, Miller, Dickey,
      Kingston, Frelinghuysen, Wicker, Forbes, Nethercutt, Cunningham, Tiahrt, Wamp,
      >> Lathan, Northup, Aderholt, Emerson, Sununu, Granger and Peterson. Democrats
      >> include - Obey (ranking member), Murtha, Dicks, Sabo, Dixon, Hoyer, Polosi,
      >> Visclosky, Lowey, Serrano. DeLauro, Moran, Olver, Pastor, Meek, Price,
      >> Edwards, Cramer, Clyburn, Hinchey, Roybal-Allard, Farr, Jackson,
      >> Kilpatrick and Boyd.
      >> --------- SENATE Appropriations and subcommittee ----
      >> The following Senate members, set the Peace Corps budget, by serving on
      >> the key Senate Appropriations - Foreign Operations subcommittee.
      Republican - McConnell (chair), Specter, Gregg, Shelby, Bennett, Campbell
      and Bond.
      >> Democrats - Leahy (ranking minority member), Inouye, Lautenberg, Harkin,
      >> Mikulski, and Murray.
      >> The full Senate Appropriations committee can change recommendations from
      >> the above subcommittee: They include: Republicans - Stevens (chair),
      >> Cochran, Specter, Domenici, Bond, Gorton, McConnell, Burns, Shelby,
      Gregg, Bennett, Campbell, Craig, Hutchinson and Kyl.
      Democrats include - Byrd (ranking minority member), Inouye, Hollings, Leahy,
      Lautenberg, Harkin, Mikulski, Reid, Kohl, Murray, Dorgan, Feinstein, and Durbin.
      >> __________________________________________________
      >> Jeff Jenks, VP Southeast Michigan Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
      >> (SEMIRPCV)
      >> former PCV - Philippines 1962 - 64
      >> 13361 Ludlow, Huntington Woods MI 48070
      >> (248) 546-3361
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