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    Hi All, Here s some more news on the accident of last week. What loss! Dear Friends, After last weeks sad news of the accident that killed one of the medical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 1999
      Hi All,

      Here's some more news on the accident of last week. What loss!

      Dear Friends,
      After last weeks sad news of the accident that killed one of the medical
      student who had been who had been involved with MCV this summer, I wanted
      return to you with news of her memorial and the condition of the other 13
      students who made the trip.

      What I learned was that Michelle Tracy was a very extraordinary woman who
      accomplished a great deal in her twenty-four years. Always the leader and
      always committed to the under priveledged, she had serve as a Vista
      for two years, during which time she set up several programs--AIDS peer
      education, school monitoring, and pre-school education---which continue to
      flourish. She was energetic, thoughtful and always there when fun was to be
      had. She had spoken many times of the specialness of her Malawi experience
      and brought home plans to continue her involvement.

      Tracy's parents were steadfast in their support of those affect, especially
      Michelle's young friends, assuring them that if there had been another trip
      to Malawi she would have been the first to sign up. The spirit they
      forward was a gift to those joined in the memorial.

      The other students carry the signs of their physical toll, but assure me
      they are strong and cohesive. Each of them I spoke to conveyed to me that
      the tragedy would not overshadow the positivity of what they saw and
      accomplished. The support that they has recieved from the University of
      Wisconsin, Medical School has been extensive and will be ongoing.

      I also learned that the Malawian driver was a young man so excited about
      driving the group of Americans because he himself had been sponsored
      college by an American woman and he was anxious to meet the group and pay
      back the kindnesses he had received. At this point I do not know his name
      how to convey condolences---phones to Malawi have been out for a week. He
      was about to go off for a master's degree in Engineering. Another
      extraordinary young person lost so sadly.

      I was happy to have been able to use the FOM worldwide network effectively
      and thank Gordom Glass for the support he provided the students during
      stay in Johannesburg. (Gordon lives in Pretoria, where his wife is a
      physician for the Peace Corps southern region..and Gordon luxuriates
      productively.) Many in the group spoke of his kindness and how nice it was
      to have a friendly face helping them.)

      Finally, I have told Tracy's parents, on behalf of all of you who have
      helped make MCV a reality, that Michelle would be remember with a memorial
      our own---a plaque on the door to our wharehouse, our dreariest but most
      important building as it is where we store the food for the children
      Michelle....she feeds the children.

      Michelle's parents appreciated this and said that they have it as their
      to visit Malawi to work and see what made the place so special for their
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