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  • kym walther
    Sue, this is terrible news, please let us know if there is anything anyone can do to help.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 12, 1999
      Sue, this is terrible news, please let us know if there is anything anyone
      can do to help.

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      >Some very sad news.
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      >Sue Clasby <sue_clasby@...> on 07/08/99 11:21:40 AM
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      >It is sad to share with all of you who have been supporters of the Malawi
      >Children's Village the news that thirteen medical students and their
      >advisor from the Wisconsin have been involved in a very serious accident on
      >their trip to Lilongwe to fly home. The van they were riding in collided
      >with a train in the Balaka area. There was one fatality among the
      >The driver of the van also died.
      >The group has been medi-vaced to Johannesburg where four of the group
      >additional hospitalization and treatment. At this point, they are stable.
      >Arrangements are being made for the remainder, who have been treated for
      >various injuries, to fly home Wed to Wisconsin. A physician on the
      >clinical faculty is traveling to South Africa to stay and provide support
      >those who will remain hospitalized. The medical school is coordinating
      >information and plans. I will be able to provide more information as they
      >inform me.
      >I have talked with Megan Walsh, a former PCV in Chitipa, who helped
      >the experience for the students. She, like the rest of the group, was
      >but doing the best to move forward. She wanted me to assure all those I
      >contact with that the experience at MCV had been an extraordinary one for
      >in the group. They had combined this with a program at the Mangochi
      >District, were they shared in the community health training program for
      >Malawi medical students. At MCV the group set up a community library and
      >over thirty kids coming in every day for books and to be read to. They
      >built a net ball court for the girls and set up a playground for the
      >children. In addition, they had ample exposure in the villages, observing
      >our village teams and talking to orphans and their caretakers. They also
      >built a home for a grandmother taking care of orphans in one of the
      > When I talked to Megan last week she reported that the group was "having
      >even a better experience than they could have anticipated." I was, of
      >course, looking forward to learning more about their experiences as a group
      >and as individuals.
      >The Dean of the Medical School at Wisconsin said that the parents of the
      >student, Michelle, who died wanted all to know that their daughter's
      >dream was to do what she had the opportunity to do this summer. They feel
      >blessed with the joy that it brought her. Michelle herself had made a
      >commitment to continued involvement with MCV, and according to Megan, was
      >eager to return home and discuss with us more ways that she could continue
      >be involved during her medical school years.
      >All of us who are parents are constantly involved in the equation of
      >balancing how much to protect our children and how much to push them toward
      >the risk-taking that goes with healthy independence. As we have all
      >experienced, this is often a tricky equation. For now, it is our task and
      >commitment to assure that the positivity of this experience is not drowned
      >out by the tragedy. This is something we will allbe working on in the
      >to come.
      >I am currently unable to reach the Sibale's by phone, but it will be
      >important to them to know how much they have been appreciated by the group
      >and how support is being rallied to aid a group of students who quickly
      >became their friends.
      >I will provide more information as it comes to me. Do not hesitate to call
      >for information or ways you might help.
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