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Holiday update - Bone

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    Please contact me. I would like to place this in The Peace Corps Network Group.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2010
      Please contact me. I would like to place this in The Peace Corps Network Group.

      --- In ujeni@yahoogroups.com, Eric Bone <edbone73@...> wrote:
      > Dear
      > Ujeni-ers,
      > Another
      > year has passed, and I have put together my annual update letter. I encourage others to send updates as well.
      > Jani
      > umampha,
      > Eric
      > Bone
      > --------------
      > Holiday letter â€" December 2009 2815 S Abingdon St, Apt B2 Arlington, VA 22206
      > Jacqui Ahn & Eric Bone Eric: 703-203-6822 ithambo@...
      > Jacqui: 571-286-7695 jsah23@...
      > Dear
      > Friends,
      > Jacqui and I ended 2008 and began 2009 in London. Our attempt to find work in the UK did not
      > work out. So we turned our trip into a
      > long holiday, and by mid-January we were back in the Washington area.
      > In March I was fortunate to be offered a job at
      > the State Department in Washington. However, the wheels of government human resources turn slowly, and we
      > had no way of predicting when I would be processed through the system and
      > allowed to start my new job. We decided
      > to take advantage of this time off as much as we could. Jacqui continued to hone her artistic skills,
      > focusing on drawing and woodwork. I continued
      > to do short-term contracts as a trainer for military personnel and US
      > government officials scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq.
      > Between contracts we were able to travel. In April we visited to Hawaii: one week on
      > the northern island of Kauai, and one week on the southern Big Island. We spent a lot of time in kayaks and took our
      > first surfing lesson.
      > In July I was able to visit Africa for the first
      > time since our honeymoon in 2001. Jacqui
      > was not interested in riding African buses with me again, so I spent 5 weeks solo
      > traveling in Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda. I was able to visit many of my friends in
      > Malawi from my Peace Corps days. All
      > were as hospitable and generous as always, and I had many fine nsima meals.
      > In late August the State Department was able to
      > bring me on board, and I began work for the office of the Science &
      > Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State. This office was created in 2000 to improve the integration of science
      > within a broad range of diplomatic issues. Since 2007, the same Adviser has also served the Administrator of the US
      > Agency for International Development (USAID). My job is primarily to support the Science Adviser with the USAID portfolio,
      > so I spend most of my time working on ways to improve the efficacy of
      > international development programs through science and technology.
      > This fall it also seemed time to move out of
      > Jacqui’s parents’ home, where we had been living off and on since 2003. As of November we now live in our first piece
      > of real estate: a condominium in southern Arlington. Jacqui is searching for the appropriate
      > mid-century modern furniture.
      > We are grateful to have had a chance to see many
      > of our friends during our travels this year. We wish all of you best wishes for 2010.
      > Sincerely,
      > Jacqui and Eric
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