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    > Look! We got into a magazine that no one has ever heard of!
    > deb

    I don't think Debbie and Leonard are on the "ujeni" but think many of you
    would like to see this. Also, some of you may get it twice because I'm no
    longer sure if some of you are on "ujeni" now or not. We may not have heard
    of the magazine before, but it's a really good one. We found the magazine
    in our Raleys supermarket and suspect it is in the megabookstores, too.

    Just a minute now...I'll dig up the Christmas letter from Dec. 2008 that I
    meant to mail out.

    All more recent news, I'll save until Dec. 2009.



    For us 2008 was a reconnecting year with Peace Corps friends.

    Mike Sobel was here in the Spring...he pops up here in Snelling periodically
    and it has been such a pleasure to be able to stay connected over the years.

    I contacted Debbie and Leonard because 3 old school friends and I, who hike
    together every year, were going to do so in Colorado this year. They gave
    us great recommendations, thanks in part to Cindy Kelly's recommendation to
    them. We stayed at the YMCA Conference Center in Estes Park. Great place!
    So, I saw Debbie and Leonard in Boulder in Sept. and then Don and I met them
    in San Francisco in October. We all had a great dinner with David
    Binkowski...great, both because David took us to a wonderful restaurant but
    more especially because it was so much fun being together again. We five
    had spent an eventful Easter weekend together in Dedza at David's. We had
    such a good time reminiscing.

    Several weeks later Don and I were on our way home from the Bay Area one
    evening and stopped at a rather obscure, isolated Starbucks. We were
    picking up our order when a woman walked up to us and said, "I was in the
    Peace Corps in Malawi with you." We stayed the 2 hours until closing time
    talking to Kristina Parkison. She still feels bad that she didn't complete
    her PC commitment. She had some bad experiences way out there in her
    village out of Mangochi and because of that her boy friend wanted her not to
    return. ...And, they are still together. She is working as a naturalist
    and educator with a regional Park system on San Francisco Bay. It was
    really good to see her.

    Our oldest grandson started school at Tulane (thanks in part to some email
    conversations he had with Liz Bell) in August, just in time to be evacuated
    for Gustav; but he got to return quickly to enjoy his first semester. We
    have a new granddaughter, the first grandchild since our 13 year old
    granddaughter was born while we were in Malawi.

    I had the real pleasure of working at our Snelling precinct for the November
    elections. It was such a joy to see the commitment everyone had. People
    were excited about voting. They were determined to vote no matter what!
    Some had to wait for over an hour while we called the county election office
    because they weren't on our list. And wait they did, willingly. Everyone
    we called in about was allowed to fill out a provisional ballot or was
    redirected to another polling place. The system worked well. And, we had
    over a 75% turnout. Many new voters. All voters were enthusiastic, no
    matter what their party affiliation (and we are a mostly Republican
    precinct). I missed being home to see the results come in. Being here in
    California with a later poll closing, the election was over before I got
    home. I missed that moment of thrill, but I wouldn't have missed seeing the
    process in action for the world.

    Happy New Year one and all; we think of you often.



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