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FW: Volunteer in Mexico

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 1999
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      > Sent: Saturday, July 10, 1999 8:54 PM
      > Subject: Volunteer in Mexico
      > Are you interested in volunteering for human rights in Mexico? This
      > is a reminder that Peace Brigades International is conducting a
      > training for prospective volunteers August 20 - 26 in Indiana. The
      > deadline to apply is July 16th. Please see below for more
      > information, or call us at (510) 663-2362. Thank you!
      > TRAINING DATES: August 20 - 26, 1999
      > LOCATION: Lutheran Hills, Indiana
      > COST: $200*
      > APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 16, 1999
      > * Scholarships may be available.
      > WHAT IS PBI?
      > Peace Brigades International (PBI) is an international, non-partisan,
      > human rights and peace organization. Founded in 1981, PBI
      > pioneered and practices a unique model for the protection and
      > promotion of human rights - international accompaniment. PBI
      > fields teams of international volunteers trained in nonviolence to
      > accompany individuals and organizations persecuted as a result of
      > their nonviolent efforts in pursuit of peace. PBI's "unarmed
      > bodyguards" accompany threatened human rights leaders
      > sometimes 24 hours a day - in the home, in the workplace, during
      > public meetings - anywhere they might be targeted with political
      > violence. Our volunteers (backed by a global Emergency
      > Response Network) serve as a walking reminder of the international
      > community's concern for the protection of human rights, and the
      > pressure the international community is willing to exert in the event
      > of an escalated threat. By deterring would-be human rights
      > abusers from carrying out acts of violence, PBI creates "breathing
      > space" - a greater democratic opening - for groups working
      > nonviolently for social justice.
      > To complement the work of accompaniment, PBI's volunteers
      > cultivate diplomatic relations with all sides involved in a conflict,
      > conduct workshops (upon request) on non-violence and conflict
      > resolution, and disseminate first-hand field reports on the status of
      > human rights for audiences worldwide.
      > In the fall of 1999, PBI will open a new peace team in Mexico, in
      > response to petitions from several Mexican grassroots human
      > rights groups in the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca. In preparation
      > for the opening of this project, PBI is currently recruiting volunteers.
      > If you are interested in joining PBI's Mexico team, please consider
      > attending our upcoming training.
      > The agenda will include sessions on the history of PBI, the
      > principles of non-violence and non-partisanship, and political
      > analysis of the Mexican context. In addition, participatory
      > exercises and role-plays will engage participants in such areas as
      > human rights monitoring, diplomacy, fear and stress management,
      > and consensus decision-making. The session will be conducted
      > entirely in Spanish. At the end of the training, each prospective
      > volunteer will meet with the training team to jointly evaluate their
      > suitability for the work. Scheduling for service is negotiated
      > individually, considering the needs both of the peace team and of
      > the individual volunteer.
      > PBI volunteers come from many countries, backgrounds and
      > philosophical perspectives. They share a strong commitment to
      > non-violence and a belief in the power of the local people to create
      > more peaceful and just societies. PBI seeks volunteers ages 25
      > and older. Volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum of 12
      > months of service. Spanish fluency is required. Volunteers must
      > complete a detailed application, with references, followed by a
      > telephone interview before being accepted for the training session.
      > For an application and more information, contact:
      > pbiusa@...
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