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RE: [ujeni] Zimbabwe

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  • Cull, Christopher
    Just like Kenya, Zim was once a great up and coming developing nation. It too has sunken to lows that no one could ever have imagined. I was in Zim in late
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 14, 2008
      Just like Kenya, Zim was once a great up and coming "developing" nation.  It too has sunken to lows that no one could ever have imagined.  I was in Zim in late 2004 and I made a point to change some Kwacha to U.S. dollars, thinking I'd get a better exchange rate in Zim with the strong U.S. economy; ironically it was just the opposite; the Kwacha brought me a greater return than the U.S. dollar.  Makes sense to me now though...people travel from Harare to Blantyre to purchase goods and then bring them back into Zim. 
      I would love to travel back for the 2010 World Cup (soccer) taking place in South Africa and neighboring countries but aside from overly priced Botswana, I don't feel it's worth the trip at this point.  The countries are either racked with crime and corruption or crazy unstable economies. 
      I wish for the best but I'm doubtful things will get better within our lifetimes. 

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      And inflation is over 66,000% per year, which is absolutely unimaginable.
      Interestingly, tho, one of the presidential challengers is someone from within Mugabe's ZANU-PF party (or he was until he declared his candidacy, then they kicked him out).  He (Simba Makoni) probably has the best chance of any of them to unseat Mugabe, but even if he does (and that's a huge if) he hasn't yet given any specifics for what he'll do differently to turn things around.

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      Zimbabwe.  In the last month, the black market exchange rate has risen from Z$2 million to the $1 to Z$7.5 million  to the $1.   (And to think we only got Z$10 for a $1)

      Mr Mugabe is standing for re-election next month against three confirmed challengers.   (Can't imagine a valid or peaceful election)

      Poor, poor Zimbabwe.  I keep wondering about the McCrackens. 

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