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Our Xmass card/update...just a little late! :-) Better late than never!!!

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  • Kym Walther
    What a year it has been! The events of 07 really kicked off in early 06 for Jeff and I. In Feb 06 Jeff got accepted into NCIS as a Federal Agent, and this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2008
      What a year it has been!  The events of 07 really kicked off in early 06 for Jeff and I.    In Feb 06 Jeff got accepted into NCIS as a Federal Agent, and this began a 14 month separation for us when he left for a 4 month training in Southern Georgia, and then was stationed in San Diego .  We saw each other at least every other weekend during his training, and covered the state of GA, and parts of Florida , with our weekend getaways! These ranged from elegant wine tastings in the Appalachian Mountains , to canoeing in the alligator infested Okeefenokee Swamp in FL, and camping on a floating campsite surrounded by alligators.   We drove Jeff cross country in Aug 06, and began visiting each other cross country every month or so.   In January 07 I learned of a new position created within my company, UnitedHealth Care in the Pacific region.  With the acquisition of a managed care company on the west coast, they were looking for someone to head up their corporate health and wellness strategies.  This is what I was doing for UHC in Atlanta , so, of course I applied, and to my absolute delight, I got the job in April! After only 2 years in Georgia , thus began the whirlwind of packing, yard sales, open houses and going away parties.  I was very fortunate in this market to sell my home in 13 days, and for a profit!  I loved my home, friends and neighborhood in GA, but Jeff and I missed each other terribly, and finally we were back together after so many months apart!
      In April I moved from my great big colonial in Atlanta to Jeff’s one ROOM (not one bedroom) apartment on the beach in San Diego for 2 and a half months while we looked for a house.   In July, we bought a great home in a fun little beachside community in San Diego called Ocean Beach .  It’s a great, laid back CA town, and we live walking distance from the beach and the longest fishing pier on the West Coast.  Check out www.oceanbeachonline.com.  for pictures of our neighborhood.
      In June, we got the news that Jeff would be serving in Iraq for 4 months beginning in Dec, and needed to go back to GA for a month of training.  So we booked a vacation to Belize upon his return from training in Sept to get away from everyday stress and enjoy some time together before he had to leave.  We rented a 4x4 and spent 8 days cruising around Belize , scuba diving, caving, dodging Hurricane Felix, and looking at potential real estate investment opportunities.  It was an amazing vacation!
      We spent the fall working on our home, exploring southern CA, and cheering on the Red Sox and Patriots from a waterfront sports bar we stumbled upon. In November, Jeff traveled to New York to help cheer on the Patriots to their win over Buffalo .
      We kicked off an amazing holiday season by hosting our very first attempt at Thanksgiving dinner for 14 of our friends, and thank God they all survived our cooking!  With Jeff’s departure for Iraq scheduled for Dec. 26, we couldn’t make it home to MA for Christmas this year, but we decided to take a long weekend trip to Temecula, Southern CA ’s wine country, which boasts 33 wineries and some spectacular views.  On Sat night, at a sunset picnic overlooking a beautiful lake, Jeff asked me to marry him!  After lots of jumping around and yelling, Jeff confirmed that there was a YES in there somewhere.  Jeff will be home in May this year, and we are working on securing a location to get married in New England hopefully this summer.  (Or maybe next)
      Finally, I was lucky to able to end the year with my family, as I flew home for New Years, and we celebrated Christmas as a family on New Years day!
      We hope you and your loved ones had a happy and healthy 2007, and are in for an even better 2008!!!  
      Love, Kym, Jeff, Iwe and Mahalo
      PS...  due to the amazing amounts of SPAM I was getting at yahoo, I've changed my email address to kymwalther@...   Please change this in your address book. 

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